10 Small Cat Breeds That Stay Small

The adorable eyes and playful personality of cats can be irresistible and when your feline belongs to the category of small cat breeds, your heart can be easily melted and you won’t be able to refuse the kitty anything. As such, whenever you are having a bad day, your furry companion is always guaranteed to put a big smile on your face.

There are people whose taste in pet cats runs to kittens because of their cuteness, but sadly, the kitten period doesn’t last for so long. When the kitten eventually becomes an adult cat, you will find yourself craving for those good old kitten days. Fortunately, you can just get a teacup cat that remains small and playful forever, and small feline breeds that retain their kitten-like attitude and appearance into adulthood abound. All you need do is to make a choice from one of them and you can treasure those precious playful moments forever.

Here Are 10 Small Cat Breeds To Cuddle Forever

Small cat breeds can come in different coat colours with diverse characteristics and temperaments. For this piece, we have assembled the top ten small cat breeds (from different categories) that retain their diminutive sizes into adulthood.

1. Singapura

Weight – 4 – 7 lbs

Height – 6 to 8 inches

Small cat breeds
Singapura source

If you are in the market for small cat breeds, just know that the Singapura takes center stage as it is regarded as the smallest among cats. The kitty balances a bodyweight of 4 – 7 lbs on a height that ranges from 6 to 8 inches. Originally from Singapore, the Singapura is characterized by its petite but brawny stature; large eyes, and rounded head. There are also its big eyes and large ears which are the kitty’s most noticeable features.

The tail is short, sporting a black tip, short and thick neck, and the coat comes in a tabby pattern. Its adorable, captivating eyes and diminutive build has made the cat a darling of the feline world. The furry fellow’s size notwithstanding, this cutie sure has plenty of love to go round with its energetic, playful, and lovable disposition. The Singapura is active, curious, loves to leap and play, and remains playful even into adulthood. The cat is known to cohabit perfectly with other kitties.

2. German Rex

Weight – 6 – 8 lbs

Height – 30 to 35cm

Small cat breeds
German Rex source

The German Rex is classified among the small cat breeds, but there are also medium-sized ones. A mature German Rex would weigh between 6 to 8 lbs, the cat sports a unique look with a muscular body. Other physical attributes include long slender legs, a medium-length tail, and a rounded face complemented by large, open ears which give the cat a rather attractive look.

The coat of the German Rex is quite beautiful, with varying colors which include white, red, cream, platinum, cinnamon, seal, and frost. Temperament-wise, the German Rex is very affectionate, friendly, and loyal. They are quite playful; this means that the cat requires a lot of space. The breed is known to be good with children.

3. Munchkin

Weight – 6 – 9 lb

Height – 5.25 inches

small cat breeds
Munchkin source

Weighting 6 – 9 lb, the Munchkin is known for its small stature and short legs that are believed to be the result of genetic mutation. The shoulder of the breed is very low but they are surprisingly lithe and although the cat cannot jump very well, they are extremely fast over the ground and love playing with toys.

This furry fellow is characterized by a broad head, medium-sized ears, high cheekbones, and walnut-shaped eyes that are so attractive. The breed can be seen in both long and short coats with different color patterns. The Munchkin is known to be very good with kids and other household pets and can keep up during playtime regardless of their stubby legs. They are arguably the shortest cats in the world.

4. Cornish Rex

Weight – 6 – 9 lbs

Height – 12-14 inches

Small cat breeds
Cornish Rex source

In adulthood, the Cornish Rex can weigh from 6 to 9 lbs, giving the kitty its small frame. However, it is only the males that can get to the max size of 9 lbs, but the females only occupy the lower end of that range. The cat is quite slender, occurring in very unusual coats.

Their coat comes in only the ‘down’ hair which constitutes the undercoat of a typical cat. The hair can be so incredibly soft with hypoallergenic properties. The cat is known for its large ears.

5. Devon Rex

Weight – 5 – 10 lbs

Height – 10.0 -12.0 inches

Small cat breeds
Devon Rex source

The biggest thing to note about the Devon Rex is its ears. In adulthood, the kitty can only weigh from five to 10 pounds. The cat has some similarities with the Cornish Rex as its coat also has just the ‘down’ hair, thus, they also have a soft texture. The Devon Rex and Cornish Rex share another character trait, their small stature which is why both of them are on our small cat breeds list.

6. Javanese Cat

Weight – 5 – 10 lbs

Height – 18-20 inches

Small cat breeds
Javanese Cat source

The Javanese breed is quite muscular, sporting a body weight that can be as small as 5 lbs and not likely bigger than 10lbs. This small cat breed is quite brawny in body build and comes in a long coat. Physical attributes of the Javanese include a long body, long nose, elongated tail, and long legs.

The head of the kitty is shaped like a wedge and the most attractive feature of this cute breed are the eyes which are deep blue in color and beautifully shaped like an almond. The long fur of the breed can come in varying colors such as cream, red, chocolate, seal, lilac, and blue.

7. American Curl

Weight – 5 – 10 lbs

Height – 18 – 20 inches

Small cat breeds
American Curl source

The American Curls are comparable to the Rex breeds of cats as they also have unique ears. However, the ears of this breed are not large, rather they are unique, curling backward. This occurs from a natural gene mutation. The breed can be as small as 7 lbs or as big as 10 lbs, but more common in the smaller range. However, individuals tend to vary a lot because of a diverse gene pool.

The physical attributes that distinguish the breed include a smaller than average size, the unique ears, and even with their small body build, the American Curl is well muscled. The coat of this breed is silky and smooth and is either short or long, completely devoid of an undercoat. The coat color can be realized in several shades, ranging from white to black, and red. There are still others that can be obtained as blue, lilac, chocolate, as well as golden. With regard to temperament, this cutie is family-oriented and loves to spend time with loved ones. The cat is equally playful and lovable.

8. Oriental Shorthair

Weight – Up to 10 lbs

Height – 9.0 – 11.0 inches

small cat breeds

The Oriental shorthair has a close relationship with the Siamese and is known to be very active. The body of the kitty is quite long, measuring up to 10 lbs in body mass. The furry’s diminutive size does not affect its figure which is best described as nicely muscled. This small cat breed is known for its long legs that are equally slim, the tail is elongated, ears are large, and the nose is very straight.

The coat of the Oriental Shorthair comes in medium length and can be obtained in over 300 colors and patterns. With regard to temperament, the breed is sensitive and loves to demand attention; they are very entertaining and love to get involved in any activity going on around the house. Pet parents who are on the lookout for a great feline companion should give consideration to the Oriental Shorthair as the cat is fun to have around.

9. Sphynx

Weight – 6 – 12 lbs

Height – 8 – 10 inches

small cat breeds

The Sphynx appears to be completely devoid of hair and the absence of it helps in cutting down the overall size of the cat’s body. Besides, you can easily notice how svelte the kitty is without hair. However, on closer examination, it will become clear that the cat isn’t totally devoid of hair; there is a fine “down” covering the cat which is rather difficult to decipher with ordinary eyes. The cat’s skin is loose with wrinkles evident all over the body.

The adult males of the species weigh about 6 to 12 lbs with the females occupying the smaller side of that spectrum. Despite its small size, the cat sports a brawny body build, physical characteristics that distinguish the Sphynx include a wedge-shaped head, medium-length neck, and a broad chest. Others are well-pronounced eyes and ears, long tails, and thick paws. Even without visible furs, the skin of this cutie can be seen in varying color markings, and patterns, that include black, white, lavender, chocolate, tabbies, and tortoiseshells.

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10. Scottish Fold

Weight – 9 to 13 lbs

Height – 8.0 – 10.0 inches

Small cat breeds
Scottish Fold image source

Last on the list of our small cat breeds is the Scottish Fold, just like the American Curl, the uniqueness of this cat breed lies in the ears. However, the difference is that it curls forward while the American Curl’s ears curl backward. The cat weighs from 9 to 13 lbs at maturity. Pet parents that really want the smallest size should go for the female as they may not exceed 9 lbs.

The breed is distinguished by its rounded look; the face appears perfectly shaped, thanks to the cat’s folded ears. The round shape of this breed doesn’t just end with the face, the furry fellow also sports a pair of rounded eyes. Both the nose and neck are short, the measurement for the legs can be short to medium and the coat can be medium or short, occurring in different color combinations.

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