Ariana Grande Pig: All You Need To Know About Piggy Smallz

Ariana Grande Pig: Ariana Grande’s love for four-legged pets is legendary. The Boca Raton, Florida-born multiple award-winning singer is particularly fond of pets of the canine family and that fondness is expressed through her ownership of 10 dogs to date. However, the songwriter and actress also owns a micro pig known as Piggy-Smallz. Piggy Smallz came into Ariana Grande’s life when she was dating actor and comedian Pete Davidson. The two have since gone their separate ways but the American singer has retained ownership of the pig whom she loves as much as she loves every last one of her 10 dogs.

The singer has shown off her pet pig on more than one occasion but the exposure has only served to increase the public’s curiosity about the pig. Without further ado, here’s all you need to know about Piggy Smallz.

Ariana Grande Adopted Piggy Smallz With Her Ex-Fiance

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson started dating in May 2018. She got engaged to the American actor and comedian the next month and they seemed well on their way to exchanging marital vows. However, the former couple called off their engagement before ultimately ending their relationship in October 2018. Why they broke up doesn’t really matter in the context of this article but the former couple looks like they have remained friends since they went their separate ways.

Ariana Grande tied the knot with real estate agent Dalton Gomez in 2021 while Davidson ended a nine-month relationship with Kim Kardashian in August 2022. The relationship with Davidson had its moments but it would appear that Ariana Grande’s most cherished memory of that relationship was when they adopted a pet pig in September 2018.

According to Pete Davidson, the singer had been keen to adopt another pet shortly after their engagement. He assumed that she wanted to add another dog to her growing collection of canine pets but it turned out that Ariana Grande wanted a pig. They adopted the micro pig soon after and the public got a first glimpse of the bovine pet named Piggy Smallz on September 16, 2018, when the Love Me Harder singer posted the pig on her Instagram story.

Following her lead, the singer’s ex-fiance also expressed his devotion to Piggy Smallz by getting a tattoo of the pet pig on September 17, 2018, just a day after Grande introduced her to the public. When the engagement ended the very next month though, Ariana Grande retained custody of the pig.

Piggy Smallz Is An Emotional Support Animal

Piggy Smallz is not just a pet to the beautiful singer and actress, it has also served as an emotional support animal for Ariana on several occasions. For reference purposes, an emotional support animal helps alleviate the burden of mental health disabilities and challenges through the companionship they provide. Dogs play this role to a tee and Ariana has more than enough to cope with the mental health challenges she has faced in the past.

It must be noted, however, that the role of an emotional support animal is not reserved for pets of the canine community which is why Piggy Smallz seamlessly fits into that category. It is also vital to point out that emotional support animals are not service animals who require training to perform specialized tasks such as assisting an unsighted disabled person to get around.

The only qualities required of an emotional support animal is the ability to provide unconditional emotional support, comfort, and assistance, particularly to an individual with mental health challenges or those who are experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) like the singer did following the Manchester Arena bombing that occurred on May 22, 2017, just after her concert at the arena had ended.

Ariana Grande has also dealt with anxiety and has been seeing a therapist for over a decade, an appointment that began almost immediately after her parents divorced around that period. The brief insight into the singer’s mental health status further underlines her need for emotional support animals and explains why she has so many dogs, who are renowned for their ability to provide emotional support, and why she chose to adopt Piggy Smallz who has played her part in ensuring the mental stability of the beautiful Yours Truly singer.

Ariana Grande Takes Good Care Of Piggy Smallz

As previously mentioned, Ariana Grande enjoys taking care of her pets. Her dogs and Piggy Smallz can definitely attest to that fact. The micro pig got a first taste of the luxury the singer affords her pets in October 2018, during her early days in the home of the actress. Ariana Grande had made an Instagram post promoting her perfume on that fateful morning.

While the post was supposed to be about her perfume, Cloud at Ulta, keen observations were made about the structure that resembled a baby crib behind her, and it didn’t take long for the point of the post to be lost on netizens who focused on the crib to kick off fresh rumors about the singer being pregnant with Pete Davidson’s, her fiance at the time, child.

To ensure that the rumor was nipped in the bud and short-lived, Ariana posted a follow-up comment that provided clarity about the crib and colored lights behind her in her post. She revealed that the crib was Piggy Smallz’s playpen and that the red lights were designed to keep her warm.

The feedback she received from the comments was positive with most of the comments applauding her for being such a good mom to the pig, while others encouraged her to persist in taking care of the pig. Ariana Grande evidently took those suggestions to heart and has done a tremendous job in making sure that Piggy Smallz is comfortable in the home she shares with 10 other pets, all dogs.

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Piggy Smallz Became Part Of Pop Culture In 2018

Ariana Grande’s pet pig Piggy Smallz became part of pop culture in 2018 when it appeared in a music video. The video was the singer’s homemade clip to promote the music video of her song Breathin’. In the clip, Piggy Smallz was caught on camera as she climbs to sniff around a gray faux fur blanket while the track plays in the background.

Before her big debut, Piggy Smallz had occasionally appeared on the singer’s Instagram. She even has an Instagram handle dedicated to her, @realpiggysmallz, and the page where there are various pictures of Piggy Smallz in various environments has been able to attract over 331k followers but has been inactive since January 2019.

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