10 Outstanding Tricolor Dog Breeds

Tricolour dog breeds are those pooches with coats that come in three distinct colors, including black, brown, blue, white, gray, and so on. One notable fact about this category of canines is that no two tricolor dog breeds can be exactly the same, making each one unique. It is important to note that the tricolor breed is distinct from the brindles and the merle. While the brindles can be acquired in three colors, they may be stripped or blended together, on the flip side, merle comes in a more marbled pattern, sporting dark patches on a background with the same color.

Some Tricolor Dog Breeds You May Want To Consider Getting

For this post, we are exploring 10 distinct tricolor dog breeds that stand out.

1. Entlebucher Mountain Dog

The Entlebucher is a herding dog that comes in medium size. It is a typical tricolor dog with its coat occurring in what is called the traditional color-block tricolor pattern. The body is mostly black sporting a white chest blaze, the body has brown markings/patterns – two of which are comparable to expressive eyebrows. The doe-eyed pooch is popular in dog shows and its remarkable good looks, plus a heart to match, will definitely capture your attention.

As a herding dog, the Entlebucher is strong-willed, extremely loyal, and has a lot of energy to burn, thus, it must always be provided with something to do. First-time dog parents should stay away from this member of the tricolor dog breeds as it is always a handful. However, grooming for the pooch is easy, thanks to its short coat.

2. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

A herding dog, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is one friendly and gentle canine that goes the extra mile to please its family. This gorgeous mountain dog comes in a distinct pattern/markings of white, black, and brown; this earns it a place among the most popular tricolor dog breeds in the world. The coat is described as dense with a black outer, on its body and face are rust and white markings. Initially bred in Switzerland to work in the mountains, the dog is large and can also function as a guard dog.

It is great at activities like carting, tracking, and obedience. The Swissie as it is fondly called is equally great as a family dog, however, their massive size of over 100 pounds makes them rather too strong, thus, regular training and exercise are highly recommended. The dog thrives where there is an abundance of space.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a toy breed. This fluffy tricolor dog breed is simply a delight to have in the house and is suitable for both experienced and first-time owners. The tricolor combination of the breed can vary – we have seen many with majorly black coats, sporting white and brown markings in random spots while others occur in a perfectly balanced spread of the three colors.

The breed is friendly and affectionate and loves to stay active. Their active nature makes the Cavalier Spaniels your best companion for vigorous activities such as hikes and sports. Besides, if you are looking for the perfect lap dog, the Cavalier Spaniels will be a choice.

4. Beagle

The Beagle is arguably the most recognizable among the tricolor dog breeds. The breed comes in small sizes and is considered an excellent family dog. This happy-go-lucky pup has what is referred to as bay (a distinctive bark) which is used to convey its mood to the owner. Originally, the beagle was bred for pack-hunting, the dog-friendly scenthound tends to follow its nose which usually leads it to wander off. Thus, a beagle shouldn’t be trusted off-leash.

The breed comes in what is best described as a kaleidoscope of colors – sporting a whopping 11 coat patterns which meet the AKC standard. Out of the 11, six are variants of tricolor!. It has a short coat that makes grooming easy and daily exercise is a must to avoid separation anxiety when left alone for too long.

5. Collie

The collie has both smooth and rough-haired variants that all have tricolor flavors; three out of the 10 breed standard coat colors fit the label. The breed is a trainable herding dog with a high energy level. It loves to please its owner, making it great for obedience and agility training. However, the Collie is rather too sensitive which calls for only positive training methods. Both rough and smooth-haired Collies shed heavily during their shedding season, meaning that grooming need is high at that time.

6. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog is fondly referred to as the ‘Berner,’ The dog’s build is quite massive and it comes in a perfectly balanced brown, black, and white thick coat. The dominating color is black which is found majorly at the back of the dog’s body, brown is evident on its legs and white can be found on the chest. Pet parents who are looking to adopt a Berner should be ready for daily vigorous exercise as this member of the tricolor dog breeds comes with a massive energy level.

Despite its outward sharp looks, this breed has a loyal and gentle heart which makes it suitable for even kids. However early training and socialization are needed as the dog is known to exhibit controlling instincts.

7. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound comes with a doleful pair of eyes which has proved irresistible to many. This tricolor dog breed is classified among the most cutest and adorable small dogs in the canine family. White is the dominating color in the majority of the breed and their head, back, and tail are bathed in brown and black spots. The Basset Hound is one dog that is ready to cuddle with the owner all day long, but it might prove difficult to train.

Grooming needs for the breed are minimal because of its short fur, but the ears are prone to infection and must be cleaned regularly. The dog also needs daily exercise.

8. Corgi

There are two breeds of Corgi, the Cardigan, and the Pembroke Welsh, and despite being short, the two breeds were originally cattle dogs. Because of their origin, these cute little fellows are highly energetic and require plenty of stimulation and exercise. Its temperament, size, and huge appetite for play make the breed great for a family pet, especially where there are younger children.

Other character traits of the Corgi include being stubborn, intelligent, as well as vocal; this calls for early training which must be consistent. The breed has a luxuriant double coat, sporting an array of colors, which include a beautiful tricolor that can be evident in combinations of red, black, sable, fawn, and white. The Corgi is one prolific shedder, thus, the grooming need is quite high.

9. Papillon

Tricolor dog breed
Papillon source

Papillon is the French word for butterfly and this miniature, kindhearted black, brown, and white pup is so named, thanks to its butterfly shape, fashioned by a pair of pert feathered ears. The breed is a descendant of the toy spaniels and its origin is traceable to the 16th century. Far from being a submissive mini lap dog, the Papillon comes with a large personality; it is intelligent, active, and has great affection for its owners. The breed is distinguished with a fine and flowing-haired coat with white as the base color, however, its face, tail, ears, and nose have patches of brown and black. This qualifies the Papillon as one of the tricolor dog breeds to yearn for.

10. English Bull Dog

The trademark feature of a typical English Bulldog is that it is compact and bulky. However, away from their body build, the breed is remarkable for its adorable coats that occur in a variety of color combinations like brown, white, and black markings evident on its face. The tri-color Bulldog may not be as common as other shades but the dark brown, light fawn, and white combo are more prevalent. There is also the Lilac-Tri and Blue-Tri Bulldogs.

Despite its bulky and fierce appearance, the English Bulldog is one people-oriented pup that is always around its loved ones. However, it can be mistrustful with strangers. This can be mitigated through early socialization and training and this way, the pup develops positive habits while young. Its short coat notwithstanding, the dog sheds heavily, calling for regular grooming.

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