40 Gallon Reptile Tank – What Do You Need It For?

Aside from fish, pet tanks have been serving as a perfect habitat for different kinds of animals. From chameleon to a bearded dragon, tortoise, python, gecko, and all sorts of reptiles, people have different preferences when it comes to choosing the pet that works for them. Since most of the foregoing are not exactly the conventional pets that you can carry on your lap, you need a comfortable abode like the 40-gallon reptile tank to keep them healthy and happy.

One of the perks you get to enjoy with the 40-gallon reptile tank is that it allows your reptiles free space to climb and move around, as well as gives you the chance to view the animals from a safe spot. If your reptile friend is still a juvenile, there is still every need to get a big tank since they grow pretty fast and a small habitat can impede its chances of rising to the maximum. Growing up in a small tank can also cause health issues or stress for the reptile that is naturally bred to enjoy unlimited space outdoors.

What Kind of Reptile Can Live In A 40 Gallon Reptile Tank?

Almost anything that crawls can live in a 40-gallon reptile tank but certain factors have to be considered. Granted, the size of a tank that worked for the juvenile may not be good for adult reptiles as the latter may need to be put in bigger habitat. This is obviously because they grow bigger with time and you don’t want to have a stressed reptile living in a space that can’t contain its body or allow it to play around.

The Bearded Dragons

40 gallon Reptile Tank

Bearded dragons are capable of living up to ten years with proper care and with the years comes more growth spurt. A baby bearded dragon may measure about 4 inches in length but by the time it becomes an adult, it must have attained at least 24 inches which is a lot. These reptiles are also very active with a tendency to always move around their habitat in the bid to explore the territory, thus, the need to get a spacious tank.

Depending on your budget, you can start with the 20-gallon reptile tank but be rest assured that you will need to upgrade the size to about 40-125 with time, depending on how long they grow. In addition to the size of the bearded dragon, another factor to put into consideration would be the decorations that will go into the tank. To make your reptile feel at home, you need to replicate its natural habitat, using toys, branches, and other items to create a good environment for it to thrive.

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Leopard Geckos


These are perfect for a horizontal 40-gallon reptile tank as they prefer to crawl around on the floor instead of walls like some other geckos. Howbeit, getting a tank that big might not be necessary for a leopard gecko since it can only grow as long as 12 inches during the course of its 10 to 20 years life span. The leopard gecko thrives well under temperatures between 91 degrees and 70 degrees which can be achieved in a tank, not a cage.

So, unless you have other plans for the tank, like adding more than two leopard geckos, a 10-15 gallon horizontal tank will do. This should provide enough space for one or two to cohabit in peace.

Corn Snakes

40 gallon reptile tank

Popular among pet snakes, corn snakes are not very active. though they love to explore their environment. Unlike some species, these snakes don’t need the extra space to roam free, in fact, raising a corn snake in a large space can make it feel insecure and uncomfortable. Therefore, a meager 10-gallon reptile tank is enough for a juvenile corn snake.

This tank size is only comfortable between the first three years as it will help the snake grow without any issues. However, once the length starts doubling, which it would, upgrading to a 20-40 gallon reptile tank becomes necessary. With the right decorations in the tank, your pet snake will enjoy the rest of its days while you and your guests can equally savor the view through the glass tank.

Ball Python


The female ball python grows more than the male but as a juvenile, you can keep the snake in a 10-gallon horizontal tank. You might be tempted to start with a bigger tank since it’s actually more economical than changing it when they grow but one thing to keep in mind is, that a ball python doesn’t need a lot of space at the initial stage. Much like the corn snake, the ball python develops behavioral disorders like shyness, insecurity, and depression, if you raise it in a roomy tank.

In view of the foregoing, get a smaller tank for your juvenile ball python and by the time it has passed 2 years old, a 40-gallon reptile tank will suffice. At this stage, the female would have attained up to 3 to 5 feet in length while the male should reach about 2 to 3 feet in length.

Other pet reptiles that can be kept in a 40-gallon reptile tank include anoles, crested geckos, blue tongue skinks frogs, tiger salamander, and many more.

How Long Is A 40 Gallon Reptile Tank?

The measurements of a 40-gallon reptile tank are basically 36 inches in length x 18 inches in width x 18 inches in height. It also comes with a custom dual-screen top. For a smaller 20-gallon, you can get 30 inches L x 13 inches W x 12 inches H. These tank sizes are good for baby bearded dragons until they reach a certain length.

When the bearded dragon has attained its maximum size, about a 75-120 gallon reptile tank might be needed to allow it to roam free and exercise. Of course, it all depends on how big the reptile has grown. Some other reptiles like the geckos can be kept in a 40-gallon reptile tank for the rest of their adult life.

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Why You Need a Reptile Tank

Getting a pet reptile requires you to set up a comfortable abode for it because of obvious reasons. It’s not like you can conveniently have a python crawling freely around the house or anything. Even if you are cool with that, your guests might not be. Thus, reptile tanks are important to keep this set of pets safe and happy. The tanks do more than house your reptiles, they provide a clear view of the animal for you to keep tabs on.

The 40-gallon reptile tank serves a myriad of purposes in terms of keeping different types of reptiles in a comfortable habitat at different stages of their lives. In all, reptile tanks provide the best home for reptiles outside their natural habitat; there’s adequate ventilation, the high temperature emanating from heat bulbs needed to keep the reptile warm doesn’t affect it, and they are mostly durable. Interestingly, most reptile tanks can also hold water in case the reptile needs an aquatic terrarium or some sort of high humidity.

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