5 Fruits Dogs Like and 5 to Avoid Feeding Your Pooch

Fruits are very important supplements to add to daily meals. In order to have all the nourishment that our body needs to function optimally, fruits are essential. Since what is good for the goose is also good for the gander, there are certain fruits dogs like to eat and we shouldn’t deny them that, unless in cases where they are not good for the pooch. Over time, fruits have been used as treats as our beloved dogs also enjoy eating them.

It should be noted that not all fruits that are edible for humans are good for dogs. In fact, some fruits that you find yummy and nutritious can turn around to become fatal to your dog. We are going to explore a few fruits dogs like and are good for them, and those that are to be avoided.

5 fruits dogs like to eat

Just like their human owners, there are certain fruits that your beloved pooch likes to munch on from time to time, and we will have a look at some of them, that are not only tasty but very nutritious as well:

1. Apples

Dogs eat cherries, Fruits Dogs Like
Apples with the core and seed removed are good for dogs – source

The crunchy sound and soft interior of the apple make it a welcome treat for most dogs to snack on any day. As apples are good for humans, they are also very good and extremely beneficial to dogs as well.

Apples are packed with a lot of vitamins – especially A and C, which help boost the immune system, and maintain strong cartilages, bones, and teeth, as well as several other benefits. Apples are also high in fiber content, which is good for your dog’s digestive system. Inasmuch as they are good for the canines, you don’t just throw a whole apple for them to eat. Always make sure you remove the core and seeds of the apple and cut it into tiny bits before feeding it to your dog.

2. Bananas

Dogs also love bananas – who doesn’t? In addition, it is a fruit that offers many benefits for the body to enjoy. Bananas are rich in vitamin C, potassium, and copper; it is good for the skin, aid digestion, and helps to relieve gastrointestinal issues. Banana also serves as a natural energy booster that your dog really needs for play or work. Since dogs tend to eat anything they see which might cause indigestion or constipation, a few bananas every once in a while are absolutely recommended. However, don’t overindulge as these fruits come with a lot of sugar that your dog doesn’t need.

3. Mango

Remove the stone before feeding your dog – image source

Dogs also love to munch on mangoes, especially the ones with a sweet tooth. Mangoes are good to maintain the coat of your dog, as well as help with their digestion and maintain a healthy weight. Regular mango treats also help with your dog’s eyesight and promotes a healthy gut.

A note of warning though, make sure that you never give your dog the stone of the mango – it is toxic to dogs and could ultimately lead to their death. Ultimately, if you are giving mangoes to your dog, take the time to separate the fleshy part for the pooch to enjoy, otherwise, you might discover that they ate everything, including the deadly stone!

4. Oranges

Oranges are definitely among the fruits dogs like and you should not hesitate to give them these tasty treats frequently. Oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C, and the fiber content also helps in boosting your dog’s digestive system.

Some of the other benefits of feeding your dogs oranges include helping them build a good immune system, preventing skin damage, and lowering the risk of cancer. While Oranges are good for your pooch, not all citrus fruits should be fed to a dog. Fruits like lemons, limes, grapefruit, and even persimmons can upset their stomach.

5. Pears

Fruits Dogs Like

Pear is another fruit much loved by dogs, and they should. Pears offer anti-inflammatory benefits, the possibility of reducing cancer, health-boosting properties, as well as help in maintaining moderate body weight. Pear is very rich in anti-oxidant and dietary fiber; it is also good for the bones, teeth, and skin of your dog.

All in all, the foregoing are just some of the fruits dogs like. Some other fruity treats on that list include but are not limited to cantaloupe, watermelon, apricot, blueberries, cranberries, pineapples, and many more. Always remember to get rid of the seeds, pits or stones in the fruit before giving them to your dog.

5 fruits that are unsafe for dogs

As beneficial as fruits are to dogs, there are a few of them that you should never give to your dog. In fact, some are so bad they can lead to death if a dog eats them. Thus, if you love your pooch, get enlightened on some of these fruits you should never give your dog.

1. Avocado


It is stated that all parts of the avocado fruit are dangerous to dogs, and you should never give it to your pooch. Avocados contain a fungicidal toxin which veterinarians agree is not good for dogs at all. If given and ingested, it may lead to very painful oxygen deprivation – which in turn may lead to pancreatitis and ultimately death.

2. Tomato

Though not categorized as a fruit, scientists believe that some parts of the tomato plant – leaves, stem, and vines, contain a very toxic alkaloid known as atropine, which is very dangerous to your dog.

The tomato plant itself is believed to contain very little or next to nothing of Atropine, but all the same, it is recommended that you remove it from your dog’s diet.

3. Grapes


As much as we love eating grapes as humans, it is advisable that you don’t give them to your dogs at all. When dogs eat grapes, it can cause kidney failure or irreversible damage to the kidney, culminating in the dog’s death within 24 hours of ingesting the fruit. The problem for dogs may begin with or include vomiting and diarrhea, loss of appetite, and rendering the dog’s movement weakened or wobbly.

4. Cherry

Cherries, though pleasant to the eyes, are not good for your dog as they can kill the pet The pits, stems, and leaves are known to contain cyanide, which is very toxic to your dog. If your dog eats cherries and it gets cyanide poisoning, this will prevent its red blood cells from getting enough oxygen, eventually leading to its death.

However, if you can remove the poisonous parts before feeding cherries to your dog, they can get a lot of vitamins and antioxidants from the fruit but the risk is too high to even try.

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5. Lemon and/or Lime


If you are sucking on a lemon, please resist the urge to give the same to your dog. They may not be on the list of fruits dogs like to eat but lemons contain Psoraiens, a substance which when combined with the acidity in lime or lemon, can be very dangerous for your beloved dog.

In conclusion, dogs don’t really know what to avoid and what to eat which leaves you with the task of keeping those dangerous fruits and vegetables away from them. Asides from the fruits dogs like to eat, onions and garlic are also unhealthy for dogs as they can damage the red blood cells, as well as cause gastrointestinal irritation.

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