Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix: Facts To Know

It is often said that one can never have enough of the best things in life and for dog lovers and breeders, this saying rings true, as these dog enthusiasts always want to crossbreed two or more of their most loved dog species in order to obtain a unique variety. The Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever mix create a perfect ball of fur that combines the best of two dog breeds that are well-loved by dog parents all over the world. To fully understand what the crossbreed is like, let’s further explore this wonderful dog mix.

Origin Of The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

The Australian Shepherd has its origin in Europe in the Pyrenese mountains; while the Golden Retriever’s origin can be traced to the 1880s and linked to a man called Dudley Marjoribanks – the creator of the breed in Scotland. Both parents of this mix were also mixed by using several dog breeds – some of which are extinct now.

The exact time the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix was created was not actually recorded or documented, but it must have been sometime around the mid or late 1990s. The breed was apparently born out of breeders’ curiosity to develop a breed out of two amazing dogs.

Important Things To Know About The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Before you bring the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix into your home, it is necessary to know what to expect from the breed. Combining the appeal of other breeds to develop one dog breed comes with both pros and cons. Here are a few things to know about this dog mix:

Australian Shepherd – source


This dog breed will probably inherit the following health challenges from both parents: hip and elbow dysplasia, epilepsy, eye cataracts, and progressive retinal atrophy. They can also be prone to ear, teeth, and heart problems. Normally, your dog may not have any health issues at all. If you take all the precautions that you should as the owner, they will likely live a vibrant and healthy life all through.


The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix was bred as a working dog, so, their protective instincts over their family and estate are very strong. The breed is always overprotective; therefore, it is very important to begin obedience training and get them socialized with other people and dogs from a very early age. To prevent this dog from being territorial, the owner needs to set boundaries from an early age. This also helps curb them from exhibiting destructive tendencies later on in life.


As it is with their human owners, a dog is essentially what it eats. So, it is important to feed this dog the very best food and meals available at all times. However, you may need to watch out for your dog gaining more pounds than necessary as they have the tendency to be overweight or obese. It would be better to avoid feeding the dog foods high in fats and table scraps or treats should be given sparingly.


This dog mix has a very thick coat and therefore sheds a lot. So, regular brushing of the coat – either weekly or bi-monthly is recommended. It is also advised to bathe your dog when required as they do love to roll around on dirt quite a lot. The nails should also be trimmed as required to prevent difficulty while walking or running. As such, it will not be a bad idea to clean out the dog’s ears frequently to prevent wax buildup and other issues that may impair its hearing.


This dog mix is a high-energy one that needs its regular daily dose of exercise like clockwork. If you are the type that likes long walks, jogging, and hikes, then this dog would be your perfect companion for such activities. If the dog is denied the opportunity to exercise regularly, it would vent out its frustrations through destructive activities. As such, if the owner has the time and opportunity to engage their dog in canine sports, the dog will absolutely love this and excel in it.


This is a very friendly and people-oriented dog that just loves to be with and around its owner at all times, little wonder why they are used as guides for the blind and therapy dogs as well. With the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix, you would have a very smart, intelligent, and protective dog that always likes to please its owner at all times.

Does The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Make Good Family Pets?

Golden Retriever – source

The two dog breeds that were crossed to give the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix life are individual dogs that are very family-oriented and protectors of their loved ones. Both parents of the dog breed love their family members and protect them fiercely, if and when the need arises; they are not easily separated from their family.

The only problem that may arise with this dog mix is that they have a working dog heritage and may tend to herd little children in their family if they either lack exercise or were not properly socialized from a very young age. This, however, doesn’t mean they will hurt little children, just that the kids may be bumped into a little too hard or knocked down.

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Quick Facts You Need To Know About The Mix

Below are a few other facts to know about the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix:

  • The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix actually has a nickname, it is also called the Australian Retriever or simply Aussie
  • Contrary to the popular and erroneous belief that the Australian Shepherd dog breed is from Australia, it actually originated from the Pyrenese mountain in Europe
  • Aussie is one of the most versatile dog breeds ever created. They can perform a range of activities that probably no other dog can. They have been put to use as drug-detecting dogs, for therapy, search-and-rescue, as well as guide dog for the blind, and they also excel in their primary roles as herding dogs
  • The parents of the mix are both recognized by the AKC with the Golden Retriever ranking 3 and the Australian shepherd ranking 17 out of 195 recognized dog breeds
  • They have an average life span of 10 to 15 years
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