Do You Really Need a Cat Hammock? 7 Reasons To Get One

Cats, as well as most household pets, love to stay off the ground where they can relax and observe their environment from an elevated position. This makes the idea of a cat hammock useful since it seemingly provides a comfortable abode for your cat whenever it feels like staying alone. But do cats really like hammocks or are we just making that assumption on their behalf? We rounded up many reasons you need to get a hammock for your furball.

Do Cats Really Like Hammocks?

Since they can’t use words, cats have demonstrated enough to confirm that they do like hammocks. Cat hammocks relatively make your furball happy if the amount of time they spend on them is anything to go by. Hammocks give cats the opportunity to stay off the ground and this has been found to make them relax to a great extent.

Most cats like playing hide and observe and when a hammock is made available, the cat will have more fun in this act. Generally, cats like hammocks and you should get one if you have a feline companion.

Why You Need a Cat Hammock

The good thing is, you don’t need to spare much space before you can get a cat hammock that can be attached to a wall, window, ceiling, or put in a corner or any other available space that will still provide that elevated position. Another perk is that cat hammocks can be easily found in pet stores and even better, you can make one with things lying around the house if you are feeling creative. But why bother, why do you need to get this particular piece of furniture?

1. It’s a comfortable place for cats to relax and sleep

Cats like to sleep but are easily disturbed by any slightest sound around them, thus, staying off the ground makes them more comfortable. They are after all the world’s champions when it comes to sleeping. In case you haven’t noticed, cats don’t sleep on the bare floor, they usually find a soft and cozy place like the sofa to curl up for a good rest.

2. To keep them happy

Cat hammock makes your furball happy in many ways. The furry fellow is always happy to retire to the hammock when it feels like relaxing and considering they hardly get disturbed up there on the hammock, there is no doubt that hammocks make cats happy.

3. The best way to manage space

If you run a multi-pet household where dogs and cats are made to stay together, a cat hammock becomes necessary. It is even more effective when the breeds you have don’t get along and are always marking territory. With this pet accessory, the cats can have a separate space away from the dogs and the latter will not need to compete for a space to relax. In the end, everyone will be happy.

4. A perfect solution to keep cats Off the sofas

As aforementioned, cats don’t sleep directly on the ground as they prefer to climb on furniture when they want to relax. However, most pet parents and even their guests who are not comfortable around cats may not like having them on the sofa. In this case, a cat hammock becomes the perfect solution, the cat won’t have to struggle for a space on the sofa, and your guest will be comfortable while you all can still be observing the furball from a distance.

5. They are easy to move

You can easily move the cat hammock to wherever you want it to be or if it’s outside and the weather is no longer conducive, relocating the pet accessory to a better spot is quite easy. This also helps in saving space around the house.

6. To Save your blankets and Clothes from Cat Fur

It wouldn’t be funny to find out that the jacket you are about to wear to work is smeared with cat fur just minutes before leaving the house. If you have a cat with long hair, this is likely to be your fate because these pets are like anything soft and cozy. So, why not get them a hammock and get over it already?

7. Cat Hammocks Promote Healthy sleep

When a cat is assured of its own space with no disturbance, it will surely sleep better. Aside from being a safe place for them to relax, cats leverage the swinging bed to rock themselves to sleep when the need arises.

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Types of Cat Hammocks

Cat Hammock

1. Cat hammocks for windows

Mounted on the window, this type of cat hammock allows the pet to enjoy a clear view of the beauty of nature outside while relaxing indoors. Since it just sticks to the window without knots, it’s best to confirm the maximum weight it can carry before getting one

2. Cat trees with a hammock

Your cat would love nothing more than to have a place to climb and when a hammock is added to it, the euphoria is beyond words. If you have an active cat, consider getting a cat tree with a hammock, especially if there are other pets in the house. This will keep the cats happy in their own space without having to fight for it.

3. Hanging cat hammocks

If it’s hanging from the ceiling or anything off the ground, that means your cat can swing around on it and pets love that. You might find your cat rocking itself to sleep on a hanging hammock.

4. Cat wall hammock

This is mounted directly on the wall and can help save space. This type of cat hammock is also ideal for households with many pets. If you have more than one cat, they can enjoy enough private space for themselves at all times.

5. Cat chair hammock

A cat chair hammock is handy and can be carried anywhere you want to go. If your family is going for a picnic, this kind of hammock keeps the cat close and relaxed.

What is the Best Cat hammock to Buy?

A cat hammock is your pets resting place, therefore, it is important to make it comfortable. This particular piece of furniture should be made of strong material to avoid breaking when the cat is on it. Though cats are not known to be big, some breeds like Maine Coon can weigh up to 5.4 to 8.2 kg, depending on the gender, thus, you need to consider the size of your cat before you get the hammock.

All in all, before you decide on the type of hammock to get for your cat, consider the things they like doing and the places they like staying. There are many options to choose from but does it suit your feline friend’s personality? Here are things to consider before buying a cat hammock.

  • Where your pet loves to hang out
  • The size of the cat
  • Reliability of the piece
  • The fabric should be soft and comfortable

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How To Make a Cat Hammock

The good thing is, that you can make cat hammocks out of many things you can find in the house. Instead of throwing away that old blanket, pillow, or boxes, you can turn them into your own invention of cat hammocks. The important thing is – to let it suit your feline friend’s needs. This DIY video can help you come up with ideas on how to make a hammock for your feline friend.

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