Dog Paw Washer: 5 Best Paw Cleaners & Facts You Need Know

Spending a fun day with your canine companion at the park is one good way to enjoy our animal friends. However, you might have four messy paws to contend with after an enjoyable day. Depending on the season or weather, as well as the terrain you walked on, the degree of dirt your pooch brings along can differ. To avoid having prints in your car or all over your floor coverings, a dog paw washer is what you need.

These washers come in the form of small and portable devices designed to use for cleaning a pup’s paws before allowing it entry into a car or house following a day out.

Is Dog Paw Washer An Effective Way To Clean Dog Paws?

Using a dog paw washer to clean a pup’s paws is not just effective, it is equally convenient. With your preferred brand, you can get the mud and grime off your furry friend’s paws and keep them clean and healthy. The product is best suited for pets (cats inclusive) with thick fur on their limbs and those that love to get dirty given a little opportunity. During winter, dog paw washers are effective at getting the ice salt off your pooch’s paws. With a dog paw washer handy, your car will be kept clean when you travel with your canine companion.

How Often Should Dog Paws Be Washed?

As canine breeds differ, so do their characteristic and energy level. Besides, the kind of environment a dog is exposed to also comes to play when we are talking about how often to clean a dog’s paw. A dog that often gets its paws dirty should be cleaned more often than the one that is averse to playing in the mud. Just wash for a period of 20 seconds and rinse off the lather. If dryness or itchiness is noticed, coconut oil can be applied.

Best Dog Paw Washer In 2020

There are a plethora of dog washers out there, but we recommend these five for pet parents who are interested in getting one for their pets.

`1. Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Dog paw washer
Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner source

Using the Dexas MudBuster paw washer to clean your pooch’s paws is quite easy and the user-friendly nature of this particular dog paw washer has made it very popular among pet owners. Just get the cup filled with water and some doggie shampoo (optional). Take the pup’s paws one by one and insert them into the cup, the silicon bristles are there to do a bit of scrubbing after which you wipe using a clean dry towel. The bristles are very soft and designed in such a way that they can loosen or remove mud, dirt, and road salt by getting in-between the paws of a dog.

In addition to being user-friendly, this dog paw washer has an added advantage; it can come completely apart for easy cleaning, and another benefit is that it is dishwasher safe. Besides, the paw washer is available in different sizes ranging from small, medium, and large, and comes in an array of six colors. Thus, pet adopters can make their choice according to preference.

2. Pupmate Paw Cleaner, No-rinse Waterless Shampoo


This type of dog paw washer comes in the form of a waterless shampoo that is very easy to use. With this brand, there won’t be any need to be concerned about size as you will have to apply the formula to your canine’s paw directly. An application of the foam is followed by a mild scrub and then you wipe clean. No need to rinse, thus, water is not required. The formula is a plant-based one, non-toxic and safe for the canine skin, though it’s potent enough to eliminate bacteria as it powers through the dirt. It leaves your dog with a fresh rose scent, as it lessens the wet dog smell to the barest minimum.

The formula comes in a bottle and is self-contained, no worries about spills and it is quite portable. The brush is easy to use as it has the capacity to twist 360 degrees. It is equally detachable and can be removed and cleaned after use. It also has dual usefulness; though it is specifically meant for the paws, it can come in handy while cleaning your canine’s body.

3. Pogi’s Grooming Wipes (100-Pack)


Do you have a finicky furbaby that is averse to having its paws cleaned, then, these paw wipes may just do the trick. As a dog paw cleaner, wipes have several benefits; they are portable and there is no need to apply water which makes it easy for most dogs to tolerate them. The presence of vitamin E, aloe vera, and awapuhi makes them hypoallergenic, as well as soothing on a pup’s skin. They come in generous sizes and help with dander, dirt, and even odors.

Wipes are available in varying pack sizes ranging from a set of travel minis to a 100-count bag. Besides, pet adopters can make a choice between green tea or unscented.

4. Pet Go Pet Hair Remover, Grooming Glove, And Paw Cleaner Set

Dog paw washer

Keeping your canine friend clean is not all about washing its paws and this three-in-one set attests to it. This grooming set is cost-effective and comes in handy for addressing three eternal issues faced by pet parents. For one, it is a cup-style paw washer, secondly, it functions as a grooming glove that makes your furry friend feel a relaxing massage. Finally, it involves a double-sided reusable hair remover.

This dog paw washer comes in a generous size and you can easily get it cleaned by disassembling it. The cost is pocket-friendly but the only downside is that it is only available in one size that cannot benefit large-sized pups as it is best suited for small to medium pups. Pet adopters can choose between pink and blue.

5. Paw Plunger For Dogs

image source

Paw Plunger for Dogs is considered best for pups that won’t want to corporate when you want to clean their paws. This type of dog paw cleaner includes a wide, sturdy base that stabilizes the cup and a built-in handle that gives the user a bit more control. A handy lid and spill-minimizing opening keep messes to the barest minimum anytime your furry friend is feeling especially footloose. A short chain attaches the lid to the cup, thus, the question of losing it will not arise. The brand is available in four colors and three sizes.

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Other Ways To Clean Your Dog’s Paws

Apart from dog paw cleaners; there are several other ways to get rid of mud and dirt from the paws of your fur buddy.

  1. Always keep some pup cleaning and grooming wipes handy and uses them to wipe the grime off when the need arises.
  2. Grooming or cleaning gloves can also come in handy when your pooch gets into a poodle.
  3. In the absence of the aforementioned, a dog doormat or dog towel won’t be a bad choice to wipe sand, dirt, grime, and mud off your pooch’s paws.
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