Dog Scarf: 5 Uses and Safety Tips

It has been quite a while that the canine population started rocking an array of fashionable garments, as well as accessories. Nowadays, it is not a strange sight to log onto the internet to see fashionista pups in colorful coats and even full-body outfits. Now, the one that really looks so cute is the dog scarf and bandana, imagine your furry friend tagging along with a colorful bandana adorning its neck, it is always a beautiful sight.

Though these dog scarves have their uses which we are going to outline in this article, there is a big question begging for answers when it comes to your canine companion and scarves. Is it safe for a dog to wear a bandana, especially those that are not used to wearing a collar?

Uses Of Dog Scarf

Dog scarf or bandana has several uses and they include:

1. A dog scarf helps keep your dog warm

When the weather turns really cold and the temperature looks like it is heading below 18 degrees Celsius, it’s time to take care of your furry friend that is susceptible to cold. A quick and easy way to assist your pooch to retain some warmth is by popping on a dog scarf. There are pet parents who don’t advocate the idea of putting dogs in coats and jumpers and when the weather isn’t freezing, it can be overkill. What you need in such a situation is a soft and nice bandana around your fur buddy’s neck to keep it comfy and cozy.

2. To cool your dog down

During the summer, when the weather turns hot like summer in the United Kingdom and the United States, it is important to keep your dog cool. Dogs are not capable of regulating their body temperature like humans, thus, it may be very dangerous and perhaps end in fatality if a pup suffers heatstroke. For this reason, keeping them hydrated and under shade during the hot season is very important. Try to avoid leaving your furry friend in the car, even their walks should be scheduled for late evenings or early mornings before the sunrise, and must be limited.

Even with all these tips about keeping dogs cool in hot weather, dog owners can still introduce the use of a dog scarf which is an innovative way of helping their pet stay cool. However, the bandana has to undergo some treatment before use, like soaking it in a bowl of cold water before adorning your dog’s neck with it. This way, the dog stays fresh and cool for a long time. Don’t just put on the scarf and leave it there, it should be regularly checked and re-soaked if need be.

3. Keeps a dog calm in confusing situations

Sometimes, natural causes and normal human activities can make the world scary and confusing for our canine companions. Thunderstorms, fireworks, long voyages, house moves, and so on – these can amount to stress and anxiety for your dog.

With all these hullabaloos, a good way to help your furbaby cope is by putting drops of calming essence onto a dog scarf and putting it on its neck. However, you must first ensure that the brand you are using is safe for your pooch. Ideally, pet parents should go for the calming essence specifically designed for the canine population. A good way to test the essence is by putting drops of it on the bandana, then wash to see whether it will leave a stain on the fabric.

4. Dog scarf can be used as first aid material

If the world were to be as ideal as we would love, then everyone would be going about their normal activities with an ever-present and fully stocked first aid kit. Besides, the next vet would just be meters away and easy to access. However, this is not a true picture of the world we live in, in the case of an emergency without the first aid kit and nearby vet; a bandana can come in handy. Your dog scarf can double up as a bandage or a tourniquet. But then, your pup’s accessories can only be useful when you are informed and knows how best to apply them.

Pet parents might like to educate themselves on the rudiments of pet first aid by joining a course in their local pet outlet. The internet can also be of immense help as it offers some useful tips; it is now up to pet owners to leverage any of these and come up with some possible life-saving tips and advice.

5. It makes your pooch look good

Dog scarf
Dog wearing a Halloween bandana source

There is nothing as adorable as a dog wearing a colorful bandana around its neck. It is simply cute and would melt the heart of every animal lover within the vicinity. Pet owners can also try to be creative with their dog’s scarf as there are a plethora of designs available in pet stores. It is quite easy to lay your hands on about any design and they are sure to look superb on your four-legged companion.

It feels good to get complimented when you go on walks with your dog wearing a beautiful bandana. Even during Halloween and Christmas, there are beautiful seasonal-themed bandanas which are great ways through which our family pets can join in the fun. Though some owners go all out to deck their pets up in full costumes, the ones that are not keen on dog costumes can make do with dog scarves.

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How Safe Is A Dog Bandana?

Pet parents who love to use accessories for their animal companions must first find out how safe these garments and accessories are before exposing their pets to any.

In the case of a dog scarf or bandana, owners should first ascertain if their pooch is comfortable and happy wearing them. Dogs that are used to putting on collars are more likely to be relaxed with the bandana; however, the story might be different for a dog that has never worn a collar in its life. This category of dogs is likely to become uncomfortable with a dog scarf and may end up upset and stressed out. Thus, it is not advisable to force a bandana on your dog, especially when it is glaring that the pup won’t tolerate it.

Even the ones that appear to love wearing the bandanas should never be left unattended when the dog scarf is around their necks. While purchasing the scarf, be sure to measure the neck of your pooch first; this aids you in getting the one that will fit. Besides, bandanas are not to be tied very tight on a dog’s neck; in fact, they should be so loose that your fingers can comfortably slip in between the scarf and the dog’s neck. Also, ensure that the scarf is not impeding the pup’s movement or breathing in any way at all.

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