Dog Travel Bag: Is It Cool To Carry My Dog In A Bag?

It is becoming common in recent times to see pet parents carrying their furry friends in a dog travel bag, especially when the pup belongs to a small breed. Though we may view it as a practical and really simple solution, ferrying your pooch in a bag may likely result in issues if you allow it to stay longer in the carrier than on its four paws. Even though some pets enjoy the ride, it is not recommended for animals to spend the whole day or most part of it inside a bag. However, it has quite some advantages.

Benefits Of Dog Travel Bag

Dog travel bag
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The benefits of carrying your canine companion inside a dog travel bag far outweigh the possible disadvantages

1. A dog can be protected from overheating or icy sidewalks with a suitable bag, the recommended type is the stroller with a screen. This protects your pooch in the same way as a baby.

2. Sometimes, where you take your dog for walks may have some dangerous dogs or cats lurking around, a dog
travel bag can come in handy in such a situation.

3. Some dogs that don’t like being dragged all the way to their destination may benefit from the use of a career bag; it is much easier and kinder.

4. During the winter, some smaller breeds find it hard to withstand the cold, thus, it may be a really good idea to consider carrying them inside a warm bag. Even during the rainy days, there are some waterproof dog travel bags that you can consider using for your small canine companion as it is not recommended for them to stay long outside during these periods.

5. A good example of a small breed that cannot be walked in the winter is the Chihuahua, especially the teacup-sized ones. The type of coat they have is an indication that the pups might not be able to cope with the biting cold. So, carrying them for short periods may be a good solution. However, pet parents need to heed some recommendations that say you must get the type of bag specially adapted for your furry friend. Pet stores these days offer dog travel bags that are specifically designed for specific breeds.

6. Another advantage of using a dog travel bag to carry your furbaby is that it would allow the pup entry into certain places dogs are not normally allowed to enter. Ordinarily, some places like malls and business offices won’t allow dogs on four paws to gain access, they may consider your pooch if it is housed inside a dog travel bag. This is a practical and simple way of ensuring that you take your pooch wherever you want to go.

7. It is also recommended that dogs should be carried only half of the way. They can be carried to your destination but must be allowed to walk home for the return journey. This approach works when your canine friend is an older dog, encouraging them to get some exercise and ensuring that they don’t get worn out.

Why You Should Not Put The Pup In A Bag For Long

While making use of dog travel bags to ferry our pets from place to place has been shown to have a good number of benefits, there are equally some disadvantages that may crop up along the way.

1. For one, we must take cognizance of the fact that the body of an animal is not designed to sit upright or straight. The best way for the organs within a dog’s rib cage and spine to stay protected is to stand on all fours facing the ground, thus, imposing dog travel bags that may exert pressure on them might portend harm to your furry friend.

2. With that said, we must also consider the fact that the members of the canine population need at least one long walk daily; large dogs are even supposed to go for several walks per day. Making sure that your pooch is exposed to daily exercise comes with a plethora of benefits for their health, as well as wellbeing – it allows the burning of pent-up energy, gives them sound sleep at night, as well as exposes them to opportunities for socialization, recreation, and stimulation.

3. Always carrying your furball in a dog travel bag will deny it all the benefits of exercise and may result in behavioral issues. Mental conditions such as depression and anxiety may well set in.

4. Everything in life needs to be done in moderation and the same can be said for carrying dogs in a bag. If you make it an everyday thing, your dog may get used to living a sedentary life which is sure to impact its health in the long run.

5. During the hot summer, using a dog travel bag to carry your canine companion may not be a good idea as keeping these furry animals shut in confined spaces during the hot season can lead to distress, posing serious health risks for them.

Do Dogs Like Being Carried In A Bag?

Now, we know both the benefits and disadvantages of making use of dog travel bags for moving our pets, however, we must try to find out whether these four-legged animals enjoy the ride or not. The question is, do dogs enjoy being ferried around in bags?

Normally, these carrier crates are created to make dogs feel comfortable, safe, and secure, but sometimes, a dog’s first experience of being enclosed in a bag can be traumatic because they can’t get out at will once they are locked in. The resulting trauma may be enough to last a lifetime for your fur buddy.

Thus, before shutting the door of your dog’s travel bag, you must first get your pet comfortable. Try associating this with a positive experience using plenty of toys, treats, or whatever turns your furry on. Even while introducing the dog travel bag, it must be done in short increments, and later, you will progressively increase the duration your pooch will be spending in that confinement – never you leave a dog in a confinement for more than two hours. Also, allowing them to stay there overnight is tantamount to animal cruelty.

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Is Carrying Your Pup In A Dog Travel Bag Animal Cruelty?

We know that a good number of dogs actually enjoy being carried in a dog travel bag, especially the smaller breeds; however, many dog fanciers are raising debates regarding the sensibility of confining an animal that should be free in a bag. Many of them actually spoke up to condemn the act, dismissing it as a form of animal cruelty, but are they right?

It is true that dog travel bags are part of the newest invention in animal accessories that are raising eyebrows but condemning them outrightly without considering the benefits is totally wrong. With the number of benefits a dog and its parent stand to enjoy from these bags, it would be wrong to dismiss their usefulness. However, pet parents should remember to do things in moderation and never allow their pets to overstay in confinement.

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