Ed Sheeran Cat – Everything You Need To Know

Ed Sheeran loves his cats and he recently lost one of them to a freak accident. The singer/actor was devastated and took some time to get over the loss of his beloved Graham. We’ve all become used to the idea of celebrities owning pets that they feel deeply attached to. These celebrities often relate to these pets like family members and are usually saddened if or when they die.

Ed Sheeran, born Edward Christopher Sheeran on February 17, 1991, is a British actor and singer who is best known for his song Perfect. He has released over 120 songs and has a net worth of over $200 million. His standing and status as a celebrity, notwithstanding, Ed Sheeran has publicly expressed his love and admiration for cats. After the death of Graham, fans of the singer have gone all out to find out more about the deceased cat. Here’s everything you need to know about Ed Sheeran’s cat.

Ed Sheeran’s deceased cat was named Graham

As earlier stated, Ed Sheeran’s love affair with pets of the feline kind has been made apparent in the media on several occasions. This fondness most likely began when he was a child and has existed throughout the years. It is also a publicly acknowledged fact that Sheeran adopted his first cat back in 2014.

Sources close to Ed Sheeran claim that he found the cat when he was about to be put down by the previous owners and adopted him instead. That piece of information means that the talented singer literally saved the cat’s life. He named the cat Graham and his rationale for picking that particular name is yet to be made public. Graham was a white tabby kitten at the time of his adoption.

When Ed Sheeran found Graham, his career as a singer had taken off in earnest which also invariably meant that he was on the road more times than he was home. The implication for Graham was that he had to live with a different family for those periods when Ed wasn’t home. The singer trusted only one couple for this enormous and privileged responsibility, his manager, Stuart Shaw, and his partner Liberty Shaw.

They, Ed’s manager and his partner, were just as fond of Graham as Ed himself was of his first ever cat. Not long after they began taking care of him, the Shaws changed Graham’s name to Baby Ba Boo. Again, we do not know the reason for this but one can only assume that this change only took place with the permission of the celebrated singer.

Ed Sheeran’s cat was killed in 2019

Baby Ba Boo aka Graham had become a beloved member of Ed Sheeran and his manager’s household and the love and affection he enjoyed from both parties became a shared responsibility. The gratifying rewards were equally shared and so were the grief and the pain that came from losing the cat sometime in late 2019.

Baby Ba Boo had evidently wandered off and had been killed by a car. His death was a devastating blow to Ed Sheeran who told the world of the unfortunate accident with a post on his Instagram page which was then followed by broken heart emojis. Ed’s manager’s wife, Liberty also paid tribute to the deceased feline on her Instagram page.

Her post basically gave brief details of the accident that led to Graham’s death. Her words also extolled qualities of the feline such as cuteness, gentleness, and a certain friendship with a giant German Shepherd that the cat had cultivated before the accident. She also wrote that the cat will be missed by everyone who knew him.

Graham’s demise was particularly a shocking blow to the singer who once revealed that he felt that his constant absence, while he was on the road, had deprived him of watching or experiencing Graham grow from a tiny kitten to a more robust one before he was tragically hit by the car. Ed had hoped that he had more time with the cat in his later years, but Graham’s untimely death means he will never get that opportunity.

Before his death, Graham had a Twitter account with the handle Graham the Kitten @GrahamShizza. The account presently has over 48k followers, although, at one point, it reportedly had followers above the 70k mark. We know animals can’t operate phones, obviously, and we can only assume that the account was operated and managed by either Ed’s manager Stuart or his wife Liberty.

Ed Sheeran is more of a cat person than a dog person

The competition for the best house pets will most likely rage on between dogs and casts till the end of time. Both groups of pets are fantastic to have around, and some people, celebrities included, have refused to make the rather difficult choice of having to choose between either of them. Others have been firmer in their decisions to only associate with one of them.

Ed Sheeran is one of those who have predominantly chosen to side with pets of the feline community. He is, for all intents and purposes, a cat person. As earlier stated, his fondness for cats most likely began in infancy but we are also aware of the fact that he got his first ever publicly acknowledged cat, Graham, in 2014.

Ed Sheeran adopted two more cats after Graham

After adopting Graham, Sheeran went on to adopt 2 more cats into the Sheeran fold. Both cats were reportedly adopted in January 2017 when the singer began living with his wife, then his girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn. One of the cats is an orange tabby cat that was named Dorito, after the munchy snack of the same name and also for his orange ears. The other feline in the fold is a Scottish Fold breed named Calippo after the frozen UK treat with the same name, which the singer enjoys in his leisure.

Dorito reportedly jumped into a neighbor’s yard from the balcony of the home Ed shared with his wife and had to be lured back up with a food basket. In 2018, Ed Sheeran called both cats clever pussies for seemingly launching their joint Instagram account under the handle @thewibbles. The Instagram handle with over 270k followers delves into the lives of the cats who have also been nicknamed Squish & Pussl√©.

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Ed Sheeran does not have a dog

A search through his Twitter handle will reveal a tweet where the Shape of You crooner was emphatic in stating that he was not a dog person, and does not own one. Having stated that fact, it is important to reveal that there have been speculations that alluded to the fact that the singer had made the presence of a dog a requirement on his rider for a show he performed in the Netherlands. Careful investigation proved that the information on that matter had no credibility.

Despite his well-stated aversion to the canine family, the award-winning singer was most recently linked to them. In June 2022, an article claiming that the singer has a doppelganger began making rounds on social media. The picture of the dog which is a mix between a Lhasa Apso, and a Shih-Tzu was shown and the resemblance to Ed was quite astonishing.

Ed appears to have moved on from the tragic death of Graham after finding comfort in the feline’s surviving siblings, Calippo and Dorito.

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