Facts You Need to Know Before Getting Pet Goats

When it comes to owning pets, the more common options are either dogs or cats. This does not mean that other animals do not get the same kind of love from people who are endeared to them. Interestingly, people have kept animals that are known to be dangerous, living with them as pets. Predatory animals such as lions, tigers, and snakes can be found in some homes around the world where they are living as pets, though not as close as you would have a domestic cat. There are equally other unlikely instances like pet goats.

When a goat is placed in comparison to such animals as lions and snakes, they do not seem dangerous at all but having pet goats has its own challenges and if this is something that you are considering, then you need guidance. Follow us as we divulge information on what it takes to keep a goat as a pet.

Do Goats Make Good House Pets?

One of the popular reasons most people get pets is for companionship. In every pet, there are things that determine how much you would love them and this theory also applies to goats. For some people, goats are perfect pets while some are averse to their existence in a home. In all, goats are known to be well-behaved animals that make for great pets.

As one of the most popular breeds in the goat family, Pygmy goats are often used as pets because of their cuteness. This breed doesn’t grow too tall or too fat in its maturity stage, an adult Pygmy goat should be about 16 to 23 inches at the withers and weigh 40 to 80 pounds. The petite nature of the breed makes it suitable as a pet.

Additionally, there is the Kinder goat breed which is equally a good choice if you are considering getting pet goats. A kinder goat comes in a portable size that makes it comely and easy to manage. From hiking to camping and taking walks, this breed of goats can be your companion the same way a dog keeps you company. They are generally loyal friends and can be trained easily from a young age. Kinder pet goats would also be seen around their owners often as they have been found to be very affectionate. What’s more, this breed of goats is known for its antics that make them very entertaining.

Overall, pet goats can be beneficial to the owner as well as the community they live in as they can serve as therapy animals, entertaining audiences. Notwithstanding, keeping these adorable animals as pets can be a tedious task and you need to know a few things about them before you venture into that field.

10 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Goats

Before taking the final step toward becoming the owner of pet goats, there are a few interesting things about this animal you should know. These facts may either encourage or deter you from getting these cuties as pets. Below are some interesting facts you should know about goats before you add them to your list of pets.

1. They are roamers

One of the first things you need to make available before getting these animals is enough space where your pet goats can roam as much as they like. Goats like to take long walks as they are very active animals. The average goat needs more than 200 square feet to roam freely. You do not want to have a goat that does not get as much exercise as they desire as this is what keeps them happy.

2. Goats come in a variety of sizes

There are almost 200 different species of goats that can be found in the entire world and different features set them apart, especially their sizes. Of all these goats, the smallest in size can be found in Nigeria while the biggest type of goat is the Mountain goat.

3. Diet and eating habits

Goats are commonly referred to as ruminating animals and this is because of how they eat. They are generally herbivores but while most would eat grass, some beg to differ. The Mountain goats add mosses and some plants to their menu while some domestic goats don’t mind eating anything they see around their homestead. You might catch a goat chewing profusely when there’s no food around, this is called regurgitation which entails bringing up food that has been swallowed back to the mouth for more chewing.

Pet Goats

4. They also need a vet

As you would do with any other animal, pet goats need to also get their visits to the vet. While this is to make sure they are healthy and getting all the medication they need, it is important to note that goats are mostly healthy animals. If you take good care of your pet goats, you will enjoy their company for many years without any medical issues.

5. Their activity level is quite high

Goats are generally active animals that will find a way to jump, run or climb on any surface they can find. When your goat starts displaying this type of behavior, do not fret. It is just natural to them, all you have to do is take them in as they come and also provide enough space for them to roam free. A fenced compound is your best bet if you don’t want your pet goats to wander off.

6. They can’t stay indoors

You will need to make a closure for where your goat can stay but not inside the house.  Inasmuch as you want them to stay indoors, they are not easily potty trained. There is also the problem of them eating everything they see, including wires.

7. Shedding

Apparently, goats have fur and they shed regularly. This is one of the reasons they do not make great house pets. A goat is more likely to shed more hair than a dog or a cat. This excessive shedding of fur is another reason they need to stay in an enclosure outdoors. In terms of grooming, the relationship that goats have with water is limited to one thing – water is only good for drinking. For any other activity that involves water, goats want no part of it. They do not like to get wet or enjoy the rain because of this.

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8. They thrive in herds

Getting one pet goat may be sufficient for you but not for your goat. Goats are herd animals and they tend to move in packs. When you have just one goat, this may leave your pet wanting companionship from other goats.

9. A heightened sense of hearing

A lot of animals are known for either their keen sense of hearing, sight, or smell. With goats, the heightened sense is of hearing. Goats are known to have a very strong sense of hearing and are easily spooked by loud sounds, especially when they are accompanied by sudden movements.

10. Goats enjoy longevity

If you gather statistics, you might find goats that have lived up to 18 or 19 years and still look healthy. The longevity of a goat makes it clear that the task of keeping pet goats is not a short-term affair. You need to prepare to have them around for many years.

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