How To Use Cat Shock Collar Properly

Shock collars are used for training animals, especially dogs and cats. While some pet owners find it inappropriate, it has been used by many during training sessions in a bid to deter animals from bad behavior. There are several factors to consider before deciding on using a shock collar on your cat. According to experts, it should be the last resort after several months of positive reinforcement without much improvement in the behavior of a cat. Ultimately, when you are set to turn to the cat shock collar, you need to know a few facts about the technology to be able to make the most of it.

Moreover, it is not enough to decide to use a cat shock collar and just go for it. It is also important to get the right size and use it appropriately to avoid posing danger to your pet. Here’s everything there is to know about shock collars.

What is a Cat Shock Collar?

A cat shock collar is an electronic device that is attached to a cat’s collar and sends an electric current. It is used to stop cats from exhibiting unruly behaviors like chewing on furniture, bullying other cats, scratching, food aggression, and much more. Some of these collars come with interesting features, including, vibration, buzz, or beep sounds. It is expected that these functions would be enough to deter the cats from unwanted actions.

Types of Cat Shock Collar

There are several types of shock collars for you to choose from, depending on what works for your cat and the intentions behind getting the device.

  • Remote-controlled shock collar

Some shock collars are remote-controlled and deliver a shock to the neck when the shock feature is activated. An amazing way to call your cat to order when it behaves badly, they are water-resistant and come with rechargeable batteries.

  • Unmanned motion detector collar

Another type of cat shock collar is the unmanned motion detector collar. It functions as an invisible fence to restrain movement and forbid cats from moving to prohibited areas. When the cat ventures into the prohibited area, the collar will produce a soft shock or noise which is a signal for the cat to turn away. It is also an effective way to keep your cats safe while training them.

  • Barking collar

A barking collar is also an effective one for cats. It is automatically activated when cats make loud noises. The device produces electric shock, beep sounds, or vibration whenever the cat meows. This works well in controlling noisy cats.

Cat Shock Collar

Do Cat Shock Collars Work On Cats?

Shock collars are behavior modification devices and have been used to tame several aggressive cats. Notwithstanding, It is important to use shock collars the right way and at the right time to get positive results.

A cat owner might turn to a shock collar as their last resort when their cats continue to exhibit several unruly behaviors like being aggressive towards humans and other animals in the house, venturing into restricted areas, scratching furniture, or running outside once the door is open.

To get the best result, the cat shock collar must be introduced during or immediately after the furball is exhibiting the unwanted behavior. This will send a signal to their brain that they should stop. However, this should be done with a pattern for it to take effect. If it isn’t done consistently, they might not get the message and will continue to misbehave.

Moreover, if the shock admission is delayed, the vibration or sound can leave the cat confused. It will send an unclear message without getting a positive result. In order words, if you are using a remote-controlled shock collar, you need to be accurate when administering the shock.

All in all, shock collars do work on cats but have to be introduced at the right moment to make it work. If you fail to hit it at the right time, you might get the furry fellow confused and the message would be lost.

Are Shock Collars Bad or Safe for Your Cat?

Several scholars and concerned pet owners continue to argue about the effectiveness and level of safety involved in shock collars. In view of that, several studies have shown that long-term use doesn’t pose any problem for the well-being of cats.

In most cases, it boils down to the cat owner’s preferences. Some are so soft-hearted and can’t bear the thought of their pet in any form of discomfort. This set of people will never go near a shock collar. To train their cat, they might use other methods like positive reinforcements, rewards, motion-activated sprays, and others.

Moreover, another way of ensuring the safety of your cat with a shock collar is to ensure that it’s the perfect fit. It must fit the cat’s neck perfectly without being too tight which can cause discomfort or choking. Also, the shock collar can’t be too wide as this can easily fall off or get caught on something which can also result in choking.

Generally, it has been confirmed over time that shock collars are useful and safe.

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Can a Cat Shock Collar Kill Your Cat?

To date, some parts of Australia and Europe have maintained a ban on the use of electric shock collars as they are considered punitive and ineffective ways of instilling discipline. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that shock collars are entirely dangerous. According to research, when used the right way, the shock collar doesn’t pose a life-threatening effect on a cat. A shock collar transports very low electricity voltage.

The most important thing here is to make sure you use a cat shock collar if you have a domestic feline. Some shock collars specifically designed for dogs are being marketed as cat-friendly. Whereas, the mildest shock on this type of collar is strong enough to kill a small cat due to the difference in size. Please be guided.

Moderation is key in all things. It is also important to check the voltage of your shock collar as some are designed for a larger breed of animals and can be very dangerous when used on a smaller animal like a cat.

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