Maluma Dogs: Breed Information and Facts

Juan Luis Londoño Arias aka maluma is a Columbian pop, Latin trap, and reggaeton singer obsessed with dogs. The artist has a large number of canines under his care. An animal lover to the core, Maluma became a dog daddy as far back as 2016 and loves spending quality time with his four-legged friends. Needless to say, those furry buddies of his are undeniably cute. Meet the Maluma dogs below.


Around 2014, Maluma used to have a French Bulldog, Kilates that recorded several social media appearances with the artist. The duo was known for their close bond and it was a very painful episode for Maluma when Kilates passed on in the later part of 2014. The pain was so much that the singer wanted enough time to elapse before he could dare get attached again.


Priti – source

While on his Argentina tour, fans of Maluma presented the famous artist with a special gift in the form of another French Bulldog with a close resemblance to Kilates. The gift was in a bid to show love to Maluma and a sign of their commitment to the pop artist. It was also a means of putting back the smile on his face as well as honoring Kilates’ memory.

At first, Maluma hesitated as he had to consider a lot of things before accepting the gift – his agitated lifestyle, constant traveling, and what taking on the responsibility would entail. He also had to consider how fast it would be to get the paperwork done as he had to leave for Columbia within a short time.

After he wrote his fans back to express his gratitude for the gift, the singer couldn’t resist leaving the dog behind and had to go ahead with the adoption. At the end of the day, he named his new furry baby, Priti after his “Pretty boy, Dirty boy” tour. Going forward, Priti became a sensation on social media, just like the other Maluma dogs.


Maluma soon acquired another dog which he introduced to fans on social media. The pop star was spotted in a picture in a car holding Karma with the caption “Back home and with a new baby.”

The new baby turned out to be a huge black and brown Doberman Pinscher cuddled up to Maluma in the car. Karma was seen decked out in a white, nylon Prada bucket hat worth $625, a vest for service animals, and a chained collar.


Maluma has a second Doberman Pinscher that goes by the name, Budah. He bought the European Doberman at the cost of 3,500 euros as it can only be accessed from distinguished corners of Germany

Maluma has been flaunting the dog on social media and in one particular picture, he dressed Budah in a tux. In fact, he launched a separate Instagram page for the pup with the handle @buda.licious where it has accumulated 61.7K followers with 70 posts.

Recently, Budah bit Maluma in the face almost disfiguring one part of his face with visible marks on one part of his cheekbone and above his eyes.

Maluma has since dismissed the attack as a result of fright and not aggression but he urged all dog lovers to be extremely careful with their furry friends.

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Bonnie and Clyde

Maluma introduced another set of his furry children on the 4th of October 2016 via social media. Bonnie and Clyde, the ‘Pretty Boy / Dirty Boy’ star called the two all-white Siberian puppies with alluring blue eyes.

Several Colombian media sources have since done some digging on the huskies and according to their reports, the pups aren’t cheap at all. In fact, their cost can go up to 1.5 million Colombian pesos and are luxury items only affordable to the rich.

Bonnie and Clyde have since become internet sensations with their own handle on IG @bonnie_clyde_mlm. The account already boasts 146k followers with a total of 46 posts. Even the IG post through which the Maluma dogs were introduced to the world earned a whopping 580,000 likes and still counting.

Recall that Maluma was skeptical about adopting another dog after losing his best friend Kilates because of his crazy schedule. However, from what is obvious, his soft spot for furry companions won in the end and his list of furbabies keeps increasing with time.

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