Pug Pitbull Mix: Everything You Need To Know

In recent years, breeders have become really experimental with the way they crossbreed dogs. This might be purely for experimental purposes or because buyers are willing to pay more for this ‘designer’ dogs as they are fondly called. The Pug Pitbull mix is one of such special breeds. They were made by a cross between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Pug, two unique breeds with distinct features.

This type of crossbreed dogs aren’t purebred and can range from small to medium size and but still exhibit all the features of their parents to a certain degree. It is definitely fascinating to watch out for which traits the Pug Pitbull mix exhibits since they are a combination of a former fighting dog (Pitbull) and a pampered pooch (Pug).

Origin Of The Pug Pitbull Mix

Like most crossbreeds, it is difficult to ascertain their exact origin or the breeder who initiated the mix in the first place. However, as regards their parents, we do know that the Pitbull was developed for bull baiting in England. After the gruesome sport was outlawed in 1835, Pitbulls were turned into fighting dogs. Despite all the shortcomings, they were bred and trained not to be aggressive towards humans since they were their handlers.

The Pug, on the other hand, is a sharp contrast to the Pitbull. They are originally from China. In the Shang dynasty, where they sat on the laps of Chinese Emperors living a life of luxury. Queen Victoria made them popular again before they found their way to the United States after the Civil War. Today, they are one of the favoured dog breeds around the world.

Here Are Things You Should Know About This Mix

The Pug Pitbull mix is an interesting venture that combines breeds from different worlds when it comes to temperament, physical build and the tasks their ancestors were known for. Check out some interesting details about this mix.

Pug Pitbull Mix
American Pit Bull Terrier – source


This dog can be difficult to train which is why It is important to begin the process to socialize and train them at an early age. This might be due to the stubborn streak and prey drive they might have inherited from their parents. Notwithstanding, they respond well to training through positive reinforcement, and be sure to keep the sessions fun and short so as to maintain their attention.


In terms of nutrition, one has to consider their age and size. It’s recommended that they are fed high-quality dry dog food at least twice a day. They can consume from one and a half to two cups daily but it’s only important to watch their diet as they have the tendency to gain weight just like the Pug side of the family.


This dog isn’t a couch potato like the Pug. They are quite active and need regular and daily exercise to stop them from mischief. Moreover, because of their tendency to gain weight, it is important to let them get enough exercise. A Pug Pitbull mix would most likely get the activity level of the Pitbull than that of the Pug. Thus, prepare to get a run for your money if you have plans to adopt one.


They are low-maintenance dogs that are good for people who do not like to spend a long time grooming a pooch. With their short straight hair coat, they just need brushing once a week to make sure the natural oils keep their coat shiny and healthy. Their teeth should be brushed 2 to 3 times weekly to avoid bad breath and tartar buildup. Additionally, they should be bathed when necessary and their nails routinely trimmed.


One of the major arguments for breeding this kind of mix is to widen the gene pool which reduces many health issues. However, this doesn’t totally rule out some health challenges the Pug Pitbull mix can be prone to which includes eye problems, epilepsy, hip dysplasia, mange, hypothyroidism, and other allergies


This hybrid brings together two dogs with appearances and personalities that are starkly different. So, the temperament of a Pug Pitbull mix can be unpredictable, depending on how much it draws from the parents. While their temperament can be difficult to determine, here is what to expect from the traits they can draw from their parents.

From the Pitbull, they will get that friendliness. Although Pitbulls respond to real threats, they can be very friendly towards adults and children which is why they probably make poor guard dogs. They might also express aggression towards other animals because of their fighting past and high prey drive. From the Pug, they might inherit that stubborn streak, and the inclination to follow their owners around. So, what you get overall is an extremely smart, friendly, loyal, playful, and affectionate dog.

Life Expectancy

Just like their parents, they can live from within 10 to 15 years or even longer in rare cases. The general life expectancy of a Pug is from 12 to 15 years while the Pitbull is expected to live from 8 to 15 years

Small Dog Breeds
Pug – source

Is The Pug Pitbull Mix A Good Family Dog?

The Pug Pitbull mix combines the best features of its parents, making it a very good dog to have in the home. They are loving and really great with their owners and children. Unfortunately, they might not do well with other animals so if you have other pets, this might not be a suitable option for you.

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Other Facts You Need To Know About The Breed

  • They are quite athletic with muscular bodies and short legs. The adult Pug Pitbull mix can weigh around 30 pounds.
  • It might not be advisable to take them swimming due to their sturdy build they can be brachycephalic and struggle in the water.
  • If they inherit the Pug’s flat face and short nose, they can be prone to breathing problems which will affect the quality of life they lead. But if they have the Pitbull’s long snort, then they might not have respiratory issues.
  • Depending on their parents, they can come in a variety of colors, including red, black, brown, blue, or cream.
  • Pug Pitbull mix is a registered breed. They are recognized by the (DRA) Dog Registry of America, Inc.
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