10 Stunning Red Dog Breeds You Can Choose From

Nearly everybody sees a dog sporting a flame-red coat as stunning and you will be forced to agree with them when you behold one of these beautiful furries in all their glory. In recent times, red dog breeds are becoming quite rare compared to canines with white, black, brown, and grey coats. Pet parents who are lucky to have such pups with fiery-red fur do appreciate them and needless to say that these canines live up to their coloring!

Even a dog that has some parts of its body like face, tail, paws, and chest in different shades can still be classified under red breed dogs. As a result of this fact, you are likely to see canines that don’t have 100% red coverage but are listed under the category of red dog breeds. For this piece, we gathered the top 10 red dog breeds for your perusal; these flame-red beauties have other great qualities that would endear them to any potential pet parent.

1. The Irish Setter

Red dog breeds
The Irish Setter source

Among the red dog breeds is the Irish Setter – a large dog bursting with energy that requires loads of vigorous exercise and outside space to run around. The breed is known for its beautiful coat that requires a great deal of grooming to keep it in tip-top condition.

An adult male of this breed can weigh as much as 65 pounds, standing at about 28 inches tall at the shoulder. This red dog breed can be prone to health conditions like epilepsy, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, and bloat. The pup is fabulous with other household pets, including children, but because of their massive size and energy level, the dog’s interaction with smaller kids must be closely monitored.

2. The Dachshund

Red dog breeds
The Dachshund source

We should understand the fact that not all Dachshunds are part of the red dog breeds; there are many black and brown-coated Dachshunds. Body size for the breed is quite small with a long body that is comparable to a hot dog! The pup came in handy for the olden day hunters as their long body makes it easy for them to crawl into animal dens and burrows to chase the game out.

The breed is known to be brave and intelligent but sometimes stubborn. When they bark, you are likely to wonder how such a small creature can emit such loud deep bark. The Dachshund is purebred with a life expectancy that spans between 12 and 15 years, on average and this cutie can grow up to 10 inches high. Their coat type varies; they can be smooth-haired, wired-haired, or long-haired.

3. Red Toy Poodle

Red dog breeds
Red Toy Poodle source

Standing alone, the Toy Poodle is not a breed, rather, it belongs to the breed that includes others like the Standard and Miniature Poodles; They all come under the umbrella of the Poodle breed of dogs. The Toy Poodle is categorized under breeds that are less than 10 inches in height like the pugs, Tzu, and the Shih.

Though the French Waterdog is their ancestor, the Poodle actually has its roots in Germany. The Toy Poodle can be energetic and fussy but is known to require high maintenance. The Toy version of Poodles comes in ten different coat colors which include a vibrant deep red color. To maintain their beautiful coats, pet parents of this breed should go for frequent clipping and grooming.

4. Dhole

Red dog breeds
Dhole source

This red dog breed has similarities with the African wild dogs. Apart from Dhole, the pup can also be referred to as an Indian wild dog, red fox dog, or red dog. Dhole is a canid of “Cuon alpines and not a canid from the family of “Canis familiaris.” It originated from South, Central, or Southeast Asia and resembles the Arabic or Indian fox.

The Dhole breed is known for their bravery and entertains no fear about stalking and lynching a prey that is ten times bigger. Their act of bravery is aided by a supersonic running speed of about 34 miles per hour. They can jump quite high like seven feet right up into the air. The pup is not handicapped with aquatic activities as it is known to be a competent swimmer. They belong to the category of social animals living in packs of eight to 12. Notably, the breed comes under the umbrella of endangered canines.

5. Pomeranian

Red dog breed
Pomeranian source

The Pomeranian is a typical red dog breed with its classic red shade; though we still have a good number of them that come in orange shade. The early Poms/Spitz were seen with white coats, however, it is all thanks to Poms/Spitz pups that the red coat gained immense popularity. Presently, the AKC standard for Pomeranian can come in 18 different shades of black, white, orange, brown, cream, red, sable, or blue.

The most common colors that can be found among Poms are black, orange, white, or cream. Interestingly, the Poms that are considered red are actually orange but the show dogs also accept the red color. A red-coated Pomeranian can change with maturity; also, Poms that come in dark chocolate coats have some red tints, making it appear as a mahogany hue. The breed is famous for the propensity to change its coat color, so expect a red-coated Pomeranian to develop many shades or hues as it matures.

6. Golden Retriever

Red dog breeds
Golden Retriever source

The adorable Golden Retriever can come in the palest champagne color or brassy yellow color, however, a good number of purists are of the belief that the dog’s proper, original, color is a lustrous, coppery red, classifying it among the red dog breeds. Goldens are quite biddable and mild-mannered and are known as the typical childhood pup. In fact, the breed is considered the canine center of thousands of families.

The breed is quite gentle, loveable, and obedient which makes them perfect for first-time owners. However, adopters must be ready for a lot of grooming as the pup’s coat requires an undeniable amount of maintenance. But then, there is one downside to this stunning furry which is its life expectancy that can feel all-too-short; this is due to the fact that they are prone to cancer.

7. Vizsla

Red dog breeds
Vizsla source

The ancestors of the Hungarian Vizsla are hunting pups dating back to the 10th century in their native Hungary. In fact, the Hungarian translation for the name Vizsla is a pointer. The canine is considered to be a first-class bird and small game hunter yet makes a great companion for humans. Belonging to the category of red dog breeds, the Hungarian Vizsla’s coat is realized in a “golden rust” color – neither too dark nor too light. The breed can also come in sandy yellow, golden red, and rust golden. The coat can either be smooth or wired but the dog is best recognized by its short, neat coat, as well as long, soft ears that hang down past its cheeks.

The breed is quite athletic which makes it an exceptional hiking and running companion; they are best suited for a long day outdoors. When the pup is not running or hiking, it can make a lovable and affectionate companion for any household which is responsible for the growing popularity of the breed. Grooming for this medium-sized dog is minimal; its physical traits are marked by a brawny body with a short tail. However, the Hungarian Vizsla is susceptible to sebaceous adenitis – an uncomfortable skin condition that affects 1 in 5 of them.

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8. Miniature Pinscher

Red dog breeds
Miniature Pinscher source

Fondly called Min Pins, this red dog breed is sleek, neat, and compact. Their coat color can be obtained in two distinct shades of red. We have a solid, clear red coat, as well as ‘stag red’ – red intermingled with a smattering of black hairs. Though their name will make you think that the breed has a bloodline with the Doberman Pinschers, the Miniature Pinschers were actually realized from a cross between the Dachsunds and the Italian Greyhounds. Belonging to the toy group of canines has no effect on the temperament of this furbaby as it behaves more like a terrier with loads of energy.

As a result, the pup will require a regular outlet for pent-up energy and must be provided with constant interaction, exercise, and other vigorous activities to properly channel their energy. The dog is outgoing and confident, though novice owners or dog trainers find the Min Pins to be quite challenging. Pet parents who feel they are ready to take the plunge with a Min Pins will benefit a lot as the dog is one of the healthiest breeds we have among the canines and they remain strong till they approach their mid-teens. If you want a member of the red dog breeds that won’t be demanding, Min Pins would be a good place to start.

9. Australian Cattle Dog

Red dog breeds
Australian Cattle Dog source

This baby is called the Red Australian Cattle Dog or Red Heeler and is known to be hardworking and rugged. Their coat color can be solid red or it can come with a merle coat pattern. The Red Heeler has a work ethic that is best described as incredible, thus, it is destined for a busy life with loads of opportunities for vigorous exercise and must be exposed to activities such as dog sports.

When you leave this red dog breed without enough mental and physical exercise, the dog is more likely to become destructive and your household furniture will suffer the brunt. Before adopting a Red Heeler, be sure to have the puppy tested for elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, and eye disease. Congenital deafness is linked to the dog’s merle pattern gene and should also be checked.

10. Irish Terrier

Red dog breeds
Irish Terrier source

For the Irish Terrier, its coat color can be three shades of red – golden red, bright red, and red wheaten. In all, they belong to the category of red dog breeds. The pup is distinguished by its beard and is known to be sociable, affectionate, but similar to most terriers, this species can equally be mischievous and boisterous. They are best suited for adopters who are ready to provide them with loads of exercise and games. If you get it right with the Irish Terrier, you will have a faithful companion that will keep you entertained for about 15 years, and one good thing about this red dog breed is that it is mostly free from genetic diseases.

Recap Of Red Dog Breeds

  • The Irish Setter
  • The Dachshund
  • Red Toy Poodle
  • Dhole
  • Pomeranian
  • Golden Retriever
  • Vizsla
  • Miniature Pinscher
  • Australian Cattle Dog
  • Irish Terrier
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