Schnauzer Yorkie Mix: Breed Features And Everything You Need To Know

This designer dog breed which is a cross between two Terriers (a Miniature Schnauzer and a Yorkshire Terrier) has been called different names by various people. Some refer to the breed as Snorkie, Schnerrier, Schnorkie, or popularly Schnauzer Yorkie mix. Whatever you choose to call them, these ‘adorable little rascals’ have stolen several hearts.

They are absolutely cute, with deep eyes, fluffy beards, and a bubbly personality to match. A Schnauzer Yorkie mix is the perfect watchdog as their size prevents anyone from taking them too seriously. They are also the ideal size to keep on your lap all day and snuggle.

Origin Of The Schnauzer Yorkie Mix

Like most crossbreeds, it’s hard to pinpoint the actual time the Schnauzer Yorkie mix came into existence. Their parents, on the other hand, have been around for several decades.

The miniature schnauzer originated from Germany and was bred from the standard schnauzer with the aim of using them as rat catchers in the farm. They were produced in that size so they could fit into nook and crannies in search of rats. As civilization gradually changed a lot of things, their roles quickly evolved beyond this over time and they became a favourite companion of men.

The Yorkshire Terrier was also bred with the similar role of catching rats but their origin can be traced to England. Their roles also evolved over time and they became family pets. In view of the tasks their ancestors were known for, the Schnauzer Yorkie mix has a high prey drive that allows it to be the perfect watchdog in a home. The Snorkie was said to have originated in the United States in the 1990s.

schnauzer yorkie mix
Miniature Schnauzer – source

Important Details You Should Know About This Mix

Every dog breed has some unique traits that set them apart from the rest and if you are considering getting a Schnauzer Yorkie mix for your household, take note of the following about the mix.


Members of this dog breed are considered really easy to train. They love food, praise, and affection, all of which can come in handy during their training. It is also important to begin their training while they are young so as to help them learn simple commands early in life. Potty training and all others can come easily for them with positive reinforcement.

Feeding and Nutritional Needs

Feeding puppies and miniature dogs take some effort. Due to the size of their stomach, they might need to be fed 3 to 4 times daily to avoid them eating all their food at once which can hurt their small stomach. Small dogs also have the potential to suffer dental problems so it is advisable to put your Snorkie on a dry diet. A kibble will meet all their nutritional needs and it’s also convenient. An adult Snorkie should be fed 1 to 1 and a half cups of high-quality dry kibble daily but it is important to give small rations at a particular time to avoid overfeeding. Generally, if you have to change your dog’s diet, it’s better to consult with your vet.


The Snorkie is a very active dog that won’t joke with it playtime and walks. Due to the Terrier in them, they have lots of energy and have to exhaust the excess to avoid them getting into mischief. If you don’t have the time to engage this breed in daily exercise routines or provide enough space for it to expend the excess energy, the Schnauzer Yorkie mix might not be your best pick.


If you are looking for a low-maintenance dog, this might not be a viable option. Their coat which is normally straight and silky needs a lot of frequent and routine brushing to keep them from matting and knotting. They have a similar undercoat with the Schnauzers and a thick topcoat like that of a Yorkie. To keep the coat at a manageable length, it needs to be clipped between eight to ten weeks.

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The way a hybrid dog can pick up the temperament of any of its parents, it can also pick up some or even all of the health challenges associated with them.

Moreover, there are also peculiar challenges for small-sized dogs which they might have to contend with. From the Miniature Schnauzer, they might inherit their tendency to have pancreatitis-related diseases like diabetes. From the Yorkie side, they might inherit the dental problems that come with overcrowded teeth in a tiny jaw, bone conditions, or tracheal collapse. Overall, developing through purebred dogs has been confirmed to eliminate several health challenges so the Snorkie is a very healthy dog. This isn’t an excuse not to visit the vet routinely just to be sure that all is right with your dog’s health.


Because they are hybrid dogs, they have the tendency to inherit the temperament of any of their parents. Generally, most of the parent breeds are high-spirited and affectionate. On the other hand, they can also be clingy, stubborn, and yappy if they feel like they aren’t getting enough attention. In all, the Schnauzer Yorkie mix is very lovable, energetic, and intelligent.

Yorkshire Terrier – source

Is The Schnauzer Yorkie Mix A Good Family Dog?

Just like their parents, the Schnauzer Yorkie mix is a perfect companion dog. They thrive on attention and interaction with their family. Due to their affectionate nature, they are considered to be more suitable for the singles and elderly. They are even-tempered and get along with other dogs and animals.

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Other Facts To Know About The Hybrid

  • They are really small and stand at about five to twelve inches tall. They also weigh between 8 to 12 pounds.
  • They have an average life span of 12 to 15 years.
  • Snorkies are also available in stuffed dolls. The plush stuffed animals are sold on
  • They can come in a variety of colors depending on their parentage. They can have a combination of black, blue, white, tan, or silver.
  • They are food-driven and love to eat, thus, much attention must be given to the rations they consume.
  • Even though their coat needs frequent brushing, they are still considered low-shedders or hypoallergenic.
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