6 Small Curly Haired Dogs: Breeds As Cute As Buttons

Small curly-haired dogs are just adorable and it is hard to see pet lovers who don’t like dogs with curls. These irresistible furries notably come in different sizes, we have those that are really huge like the Portuguese Water Dog, Irish Water Spaniel, Curly-Coated Retriever, Airedale Terrier, and the Bouvier des Flandres. Medium-sized dogs with curly hair include Kerry Blue Terrier, Spanish Water Dog, Barbet, American Water Spaniel, and Lagotto Romagnolo.

However, the cutest among them are the small curly-haired dogs, the breeds you just can’t resist. These cuties never fail to bring a smile to our faces as they can be easily carried and cuddled. Below is a list of the cutest curly-haired members of the canine population.

Small Curly Haired Dogs To Add To Your Pet Family

Our list of the small dog breeds sporting curly-haired coats is not extensive as there are just a few breeds out there with such unique coats. In the meantime, the list includes the likes of Pumi, Toy Poodle, Bichon Frise, and many more.

1. Pumi

Small curly-haired breed
Pumi source

The hairs on the coat of a Pumi are just so adorable, one look at these furbabies and you want to cuddle. The origin of the breed is traceable to 17th century Hungary and the breed is a sheepdog that occurs from small to medium size. The Pumi is known to display a playful expression and instinctively functions to drive, gather, and keep livestock under control with its exceptional intelligence and skills.

Pet parents who would love to keep a Pumi must consider the fact that the pup is a working dog that must be provided with something to do at all times. What this entails is that the dog will require daily mental stimulation, as well as exercise on a daily basis. In the absence of vigorous exercise, your canine companion is likely to get bored and take to destructive habits.

The instinct of the Pumi can lead the dog into behavioral issues like unnecessary excessive barking and vocalization which in the breed is perceived as pervasiveness. However, owners who have decided on keeping the dog can leverage early training and socialization to curb the excesses of the breed. In all, the Pumi is one of the most adorable curly-haired dogs you can find in the canine community.

2. Bichon Frise

Small Curly Haired Breed
Bichon Frise source

For novice pet parents who are completely devoid of experience in dog training and socialization, adopting a Bichon Frise would be a good option. As cute as a button, these small curly-haired dogs are among the breeds that can make good companions with their welcoming disposition. By nature, the Bichon Frise is known to be a very cheerful dog and is equally good with children; the dog loves to make mischief whenever it finds itself in the company of kids. Another admirable quality of the breed is that it can display deep affection towards its family members.

However, the cutie still has its downside which, according to findings, is separation anxiety. When left to its devices for a very long time, the Bichon Frise can be plagued with separation anxiety. The dog’s small body size notwithstanding, it still comes with a proud and confident personality. The Bichon Frise is always ready for some fun and adventure and loves to spend time hanging out with family members. People who adopt the breed must be ready to brush and groom them constantly, but thankfully, the Bichon Frise doesn’t shed.

3. Toy Poodle

Small curly haired dogs
Toy Poodle source

Generally, Poodles are at the very top of their class as these cuties are ranked among the most intelligent of canine breeds. The breed is always eager to please their family and coupled with all that intelligence, poodles are known to be very keen when it comes to training. People who have only seen the breed in pictures imagine them to be gentle and elegant creatures which they most certainly are, but what many don’t know is that those elegant pups can be unbelievably athletic.

The breed virtually lives for training and learning, and thus, must be provided with vigorous exercise and mental stimulation on a daily basis. Failure to do this might well lead to destructive behaviors. The dog has the tendency to do a lot of barking and talking, and they also exhibit that tendency to get bored easily and resort to making trouble as a result. These inclinations towards bad behavior can be curbed with daily training, exercise, and mental stimulation.

4. Havanese

Small curly haired dogs breed
Havanese source

With a body weight that ranges from 7 to 13 pounds and a height that can get up to 8.5” or 11.5”, the Havanese breed of dogs falls into the category of small curly-haired dogs. Their fur can occur in different variations, while some are straight, others can be curly or wavy, and can be realized in a wide variety of colors, which include black, white, gold, chocolate, and red. The coat types of the Havanese are prone to matting, and the curly coat type, in particular, requires brushing on a daily basis to prevent the formation of painful mats.

The ancestry of the Bichon and the Havanese are connected as they were developed in Havana, Cuba. The Havanese gained explosive popularity in the United States upon the arrival of Cubans who were fleeing from communism. The breed is among the canines registered with AKC.

5. Bolognese

small curly haired dogs breed
Bolognese source

Weighing ten pounds in body mass, this cute and fluffy canine is among the small curly-haired dogs you want in your home. Similarities exist between the Bolognese and the Bichon Frise. This charming and curious companion dog is a bundle of energy that is known to blend perfectly with families that have kids. Training a Bolognese is a sheer joy as the breed is naturally obedient and intelligent. However, the energy level in the Bichon Frise is higher than that of the Bolognese; in fact, the pup tends to be relatively calm and always eager to please.

One downside of the Bolognese is that it develops undying attachments to family members which can engender separation anxiety when left alone for too long. The grooming needs of the breed are high as their coat must be brushed on a daily basis. Your best option with a Bolognese is to go on regular visits to the groomer to keep the pup healthy and happy. Regardless, this breed of curly-haired dogs is perfect for dog lovers who are looking for pets to cuddle.

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6. Bedlington Terrier

Small curly haired dogs breed
Bedlington Terrier source

Another breed of small curly-haired dogs is the Bedlington Terrier which measures from 15” to 17.5” in height and weighs 17 to 23 pounds in body mass. The prevalent coat color among the Bedlingtons is blue; however, they can also be seen in the liver or sandy colors and may have tan patterns or markings. Their curls require trimming and brushing on a regular basis.

The Bedlington may have the appearance of a lamb but it was specifically bred to hunt snakes and rats. The breed can come in handy in dogfighting, too. The very first pup to be named a “Bedlington Terrier” came into existence in 1825 and continued to hunt until the age of 14; the dog later became blind, and toothless.

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