Top 10 Kid-Friendly Dogs For Families With Children

Prospective pet parents who are in search of kid-friendly dogs don’t just go for any breed that takes their fancy. There are certain canine breeds that fit that particular bill. Theoretically, any pup has the potential to co-exist with younger children and get along with them, however, there are factors that must come to play before a dog is considered good for a family with children. These factors include obedience training, size, temperament, activity level, age, and breed type.

While in the market for kid-friendly dogs, the ages and activity levels of your children also have to be taken into consideration. This is important as bigger children are likely to crush a small dog breed if they are careless, while toddlers may be knocked over by a clumsy or awkward, gangly pup that is ignorant of its size.

10 Kid-friendly Dogs You Can Trust With Your Children

The breeds of kid-friendly dogs on this list may well surprise you as it is not by size or appearance. A dog may be fierce-looking but is very gentle and friendly which is the case with Boxers. In all their fierceness, Boxers still made the list since they are considered good for younger kids. On the other hand, tiny, frail, and potentially snappy pups like the Chihuahuas are not always so family-friendly, but you may be misled by their cute appearance.

Check out the top kid-friendly dogs and make your choice.

1. Golden Retriever

Dog-friendly kids
Golden Retriever source

With all of its shoulder-length height that ranges from 21 to 24 inches with 55 to 75 pounds in body mass, the Golden Retriever makes the list of our kid-friendly dogs. The breed is comparable to a longer-haired, furrier Labrador Retriever and exhibits a similar temperament; they are known to be tolerant, laid-back, and non-aggressive. However, families must provide constructive ways through which the dog can release pent up energy which is rather bountiful, otherwise, it becomes hyperactive and a bit unmanageable.

The Golden Retriever is smart, playful, friendly, and can make a great canine companion for children of school age. Just engage the pup with a game of fetch or any other card game that you can think of. The canine is distinguished by its muscular, sturdy, and medium-sized body. The coat is golden as the name implies with lustrous fur. Other physical characteristics include short ears, intelligent and friendly eyes, and a broad chest.

2. Boxer

Kid-friendly dogs
Boxer source

Even with their fierce appearance, the Boxer breed of canine is one of the most playful dogs around which do not mind having kids as friends and playmates. This fury fellow can grow as tall as 20 to 24 inches at shoulder length with a weight of 55 to 70 pounds. The body is muscular, stocky, and powerful. The head is blocky and square-shaped with a short muzzle and undershot jaw. Boxers are short-coated with brindle and fawn as their standard colours. The breed equally comes with standard designs which include white markings, a black mask, and a black mask with white markings.

Boxers are very lively with bountiful energy and natural love of the outdoors, thus, it can move toe-to-toe with younger kids. There is this ludicrous childlike personality of the breed that kids appreciate. However, you should also keep a close watch on the dog around toddlers as it can be clumsy at times, and might knock over a kid or bump into one, but the truth remains that you cannot find a more kid-friendly dog than the Boxer.

3. Poodle

Kid-friendly dogs
Poodle source

So cute like a button, Poodles are known for their great temperament and exceptionally smart disposition with a boisterous energy level that can only find its match among children. In fact, when you want a cuddly, loving, patient, gentle, and friendly pup, no dog breed fits the bill more than the Poodle. Besides, you have the option to choose any size of your liking, from the toy to the miniature, and the standard. For families with children, the larger, standard poodle is recommended as it is the most robust of them all and likely to withstand more roughhousing compared to the toy and miniature variety.

While the toy variety may stop at 10 inches or below with 5 to 9 pounds in body mass, the miniature can grow from 10 to 15 inches with 15 to 18 pounds weight, but the biggest is the standard which will always grow above 15 inches, weighing 45 to 70 pounds. These kid-friendly dogs are marked by curly, thick single coats that may come in one of many solid colours; this may include black, white, brown, grey, apricot, and many others. The appearance of this furbaby is best described as graceful.

4. Labrador Retriever

Kid-friendly dogs
Labrador Retriever source

Fondly called Labs, the Labrador Retriever is one loyal family pup. The dog will always maintain its even temper and is rated as one of the last breeds to become aggressive. Labs are known to be outgoing, gentle, kind, as well as smart. In addition to getting along with kids, the breed is known to co-exist peacefully with other household pets. They are very tolerant and can take prodding, patting, and hugging from kids. This furry’s tranquil behavior is a big plus for families, especially those with young children.

However, families that adopt the breed must note that the dog requires a lot of exercise on a daily basis, thus, plenty of space must be provided, preferably with a backyard. Weighing 55 to 80 pounds, the Labrador Retriever can grow up to 21 to 24 inches, sporting medium to large-sized powerful, athletic build. The coat comes very smoothly with water-resistant quality. Its tail is comparable to that of an otter. Other attributes of the breed include friendly eyes, powerful jaws, on a clean-cut head with a broad skull.

5. Bichon Frise

Kid-friendly dogs
Bichon Frise source

Though it is not usually hyperactive, this cotton ball of a pup can be very playful. It has a lot of charm, very affectionate, and possesses more than enough energy to match the endless spirit of younger children. With a height that ranges from 9 to 12 inches and 7 to 12 pounds in weight, the Bichon Frise is a small dog breed and is considered perfect for children.

However, when this kid-friendly dog finds itself among rough and overly rambunctious kids, it is likely to give a warning snap, just to let the children know that there is only so much it can take. The breed is quite outstanding, thanks to its curly and fluffy white hair which may likely come with traces of apricot, cream, or buff, resembling a powder puff or a cotton ball. The Bichon Frise is simply one of the cutest dogs in the world right now.

6. Beagle

Kid-friendly dogs
Beagle source

With a body weight that ranges from 20 to 25 pounds, the Beagle can get up to 13 to 15 inches in height. They are considered to be of moderate size, making them just perfect for children. The breed can be clever, and friendly, but can be a bit high-strung at times. Beagle is one of the social breeds that enjoy the company of people, including children, besides, they are easy to train as they respond very well to instructions.

The Beagle fits the bill of a loyal pooch which makes it easy for the pup to bond with children. It may even serve as a kid’s guard dog, alerting you with its distinctive baying cry whenever a strange face ventures close. However, it may not be good for toddlers who are easily awakened by barking or sounds as the pup is rather too vocal. Physical traits of the Beagle include a solid and muscular body, a domed skull, long floppy ears, a squarish muzzle, alongside a perky long tail that is always held upward

7. Cairn Terrier

Kid Friendly dogs
Cairn Terrier source

The color shade of a Cairn Terrier can change as the dog matures. Weighing 13 to 14 pounds and standing 9 to 10 inches at the shoulder, the breed is distinguished by its scruffy-looking double coat, sporting a soft undercoat alongside a wiry outer coat. Its coat can be acquired in several colors, which include red, black, brindle, grey, and sand.

The breed is quite active and appears to have a natural affinity with younger children. Cairn Terrier is very tolerant, it can keep up with kids and tolerate just about anything from them and still remain gentle and affectionate. While some smaller canines find it difficult to handle roughhousing children, the Cairn Terrier appears to love them. Besides, you can’t just glance at a Cairn Terrier and fail to fall in love with the adorable furball.

8. German Shepherd

Kid-friendly dogs
German Shepherds source

Weighing 60 to 100 pounds with 22 to 26 inches in height, German Shepherds are quite large and athletic. The dog sports a double coat – a thick, somewhat wavy, or straight outer coat that comes in red and black or tan and black coloring, as well as a thick undercoat. When it is well trained, the breed is extremely loyal and very protective of its family members.

At a younger age, the German Shepherd displays a playful side. They can be gentle and sweet with family but are suspicious of strangers. The breed is very intelligent, thus, it can be taught to adapt to almost anything, making it a good choice among kid-friendly dogs.

9. Vizsla

Kid-friendly dogs
Vizslas image source

While the Vizslas are not exactly common among households, mostly because of their requirement for vigorous exercise on a regular basis but this doesn’t exclude it from the list of kid-friendly dogs. The breed is actually among the best pups for energetic and active families, especially those with older children. The disposition of the Vizsla is gentle, lively, affectionate, as well as loyal. The dog is also known to be obedient, smart, and confident, it finds it easy to forge a close bond with people and is fast at learning tricks. They require low maintenance, thanks to their short coat.

10. Newfoundland

Kid-friendly dogs
Newfoundland image source

Newfoundland is dubbed “Nature’s Babysitter,” and is considered to be among the most intelligent canine breeds worldwide. Besides, this fury giant just happens to love little kids and is known to be very protective of them. Temperament-wise, the pup is almost like the Mother Teresa of the canine population with its kind, gentle, and patient disposition. Its large size notwithstanding, the pup is sweet and wonderful which makes both older and younger members of any family fall in love with it.

The best place to rear Newfoundland is a compound with large open space. Though they shed and droll excessively, this pooch should not be left to live outdoors. The excessive shedding also calls for regular upkeep which entails grooming. Asides from falling among kid-friendly dogs, the breed has another good quality; it is great at aquatic sports and has saved many lives in emergency situations. It is very easy to train a Newfoundland and they are quite task-oriented, providing them with stimulation that calls for a little extra work on their part is a necessity.

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