What is Jojo Siwa’s Dog Name?

Jojo Siwa’s dog name is BowBow but there are others named Lulu, Coco, and Buddy/Rex. Known simply as Jojo, Jojo Siwa is a young entrepreneur who works and earns a living as a singer, dancer, social media sensation and actress with a huge following on social media. From what is perceivable, Jojo has raised the bars on how a triple-threat talent can distinguish one. With her positive personality, can-do attitude, and infectious spirit, the youngster encourages girls across the orb to stand up to bullies, tie on their bows, dance as if no one is watching, and always be your selfie! Jojo adopted a cute dog that has caught public interest thanks to the pup’s adorable personality. Now, fans would love to find out details about this pooch, including its name and breed.

BowBow is the name of Jojo Siwa’s dog

Jojo’s adorable and cuddly puppy goes by the name BowBow and she is just similar to her bestie as the dog won’t leave the house without donning her own bow. Since she adopted her new pooch, BowBow has been a huge presence in Jojo’s life, supporting the Instagram star and captured in all the fun moments on the Insta Stories.

BowBow is game when it comes to exploring new cities and she has proved to be a pro at hanging out backstage. Jojo was the one who let fans know that she got a new pooch via Instagram. Her name is BowBow, she said, and she weighs one pound.

What breed is Jojo’s canine friend, BowBow?

BowBow’s breed has been identified as the teacup Yorkie – a breed of canine that remains small till old age. When the Instagram star got her on the 12th of January 2016, the cutie only weighed one pound and now, she is a full-grown pup but won’t get any bigger.

Jojo has been described as a crazy pup mama

A crazy pup mama seems to be the best description for Jojo Siwa, When the former Dance Moms star is not pirouetting at the dance studio or running/managing her highly successful bow business, she will be at home taking good care of BowBow, the iconic pooch named after her mama’s bow-obsession-turned-business.

Jojo once took to her Instagram handle to drop the message “I’m a dorky dog mom but I love it,”

BowBow is a celebrity in her own right


Apart from making appearances on Jojo Siwa’s IG page and YouTube channel, BowBow is a celebrity in her own right. The cutie can boast of her own account on Instagram @itsbowbowsiwa.

The dog has already amassed over one million followers who flood her page to be entertained with adorable photos of the canine decked out in pink sweaters. Besides the huge bows are clothing items that are ever-present on the dog, in fact, BowBow won’t leave home without wearing them.

When she had her birthday, the cutie received a special birthday shutout from Jojo Siwa. It is true that the crazy dog mama has other dogs like Lulu, Coco, and Buddy/Rex none of them has tasted to the level of fame that BowBow enjoys.

BowBow disappeared from the limelight for a while

While Jojo was competing on DWTS with her then-girlfriend Kiley in 2021, the social media star adopted another dog called Star. Fans who are currently searching for BowBow’s whereabouts asked a myriad of unanswered questions.

Where is BowBow now?

In an IG question and answer, a fan questioned Jojo’s brother on the whereabouts of BowBow and the boy responded that that miniature dog is doing just fine.

Since Jojo received the cutie in January 2016, it has become a big part of her brand. The pup was featured throughout Jojo Siwa’s merch and played a central role in Jojo and BowBow Show Show. Jojo was seen in the 13th June video entitled, “SEEING BOWBOW FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 3 MONTHS!!”.

The J-Team movie that hit the movie stand in 2021 featured BowBow and since then, there has been no trace of the cute pup. Jojo posted a video in May 2020 where her family was spotted adopting another puppy called Buddy/Rex with the caption, “WE GOT A NEW PUPPY!!!!” The video also showed where Buddy/Rex was being introduced to BoBow.

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