Who Needs A Dog Hoodie? Is It Simply A Waste Of Time?

The canine fashion industry has come a long way since the early days when man first domesticated dogs and it has become a multi-million dollar industry. More recently, canine fashion is mimicking that of humans, and dogs are clothed in skirts, jumper tops, shirts, hoodies, and even spectacles. Some dog owners probably like to dorn matching outfits with their pups, and during the winter this may include hoodies, which definitely help to keep your dog’s ears and head warm, so they can offer you that unmatched companionship that only a man’s best friend can give. We explore the benefits of a dog hoodie, is it important that I get it for my furry fellow?

Do dogs need to wear sweaters during winter?

Winter comes yearly and it definitely brings some peculiarities with it, one of which is a rapid drop in temperature. During this period, both pet owners and their pets need to keep themselves safe and insulated from the cold weather, especially in the great outdoors. As we put on warmer clothes as humans, our dogs also need the appropriate gear for this season as well.

Certain dog breeds need to be clothed in sweaters, blankets, or a dog hoodie during winter to prevent medical conditions such as hypothermia, frostbite, pneumonia, sniffles, flu, etc. Small dog breeds, puppies, and senior dogs are the most vulnerable, thus, they need to wear sweaters and dog hoodies during the winter, as they are either too small, too young or too old and thus lack that inherent capacity to keep warm on their own during this period.

With that well understood, it is important to let all pet parents know that not all dogs need to wear sweaters during winter, so don’t rush to get a hoodie for your furry companion just because your neighbor’s pup looks cool in it. We should all understand that some breeds are well suited for cold and even extreme temperatures; breeds such as the Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, Bernese Mountain Dog, Caucasian Shepherd, and a few others.

These pups actually thrive in extremely cold weather conditions. So if your pooch happens to be one of the foregoing, there is absolutely no need for a dog hoodie during winter, you are just preventing the poor thing from enjoying its best time of the year.

What dog breeds need coats in cold winter?

Dog hoodies
Hoodies save your dog’s ears from the cold source

Dogs come in different breeds and sizes, fur types, age, physical conditions, and wellness, and these are some of the factors that potentially decide which type of dogs needs to wear coats or some other kind of coverage during the winter season. We should also not forget to mention that our fur buddies usually have either short or long coats, as well as double or single coats.

Veterinarians generally advise that small-sized dog breeds should be kept warm during the winter as they may not be able to do it on their own because of their size, hence, caring owners need to dress their pups up in coats or dog hoodies to keep them warm and comfortable. We are all familiar with small-sized dogs, they include breeds such as the Dachshund, Chihuahua, toy Poodles, Pomeranian, Pug, Yorkshire Terriers, Miniature Pinscher, Corgis, and several others. Some of these cuties are teacup-sized and need to be specially protected with coats, sweaters, or hoodies during winter.

Asides from breed, age should be considered with regard to wearing a dog hoodie. It is important that we keep puppies and senior dogs of all breeds fully clothed during the winter, as they are not able to cope with the low temperatures of the season.

Also among the vulnerable are dogs that also have medical conditions and complications such as diabetes, Cushing’s disease, hypothyroidism, heart problems or cancer, etc. These pups should also be well catered for during the winter by using coats or sweaters for them during this period. It prevents them from developing complications from their existing health condition.

What about the single and double-coated dogs, which of them needs a dog hoodie? Obviously, it is the single coats that need extra protection, as their natural fur does not come with the undercoat. No need to worry about the double-coated pups since their undercoat is enough to keep them warm. In the same vein, the dogs with long fur may not need extra protection from the cold but the short-haired dogs will be grateful for a dog hoodie.

How to know the right time to cover your dog up in a dog hoodie

There are a few scenarios that would warrant you to dorn your dog in a very cute dog hoodie, and no time warrants that more than in the winter. As the temperature begins to drop and frost begins to bite, this is the best time to keep your dog warm and protected from the elements by getting a hoodie for it. The dog hoodie will definitely help to keep the head and ears of your furball very warm and insulated; it would also help to keep its body warm as well.

If you decide to take your dog out for walks or hiking during the winter, that is another perfect scenario to dress it up in a hoodie to protect against the cold.

If you also notice your dog shivering, has cold feet and ears, or its hairs standing on ends, these are all signs of hypothermia, which suggests that your dog is having a hard time regulating its body temperature, possibly from too much cold around it.

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Do dogs like wearing hoodies?

If and when the situation demands it, most dogs will be comfortable wearing a hoodie, as long as it does not cover their eyes or obstruct their vision.

If you are just about putting a hoodie on your dog for the first time, it’s best to start by taking it easy while they have the apparel on. Put on the hoodie for a few minutes and watch if your dog begins to get restless. If the dog seems uncomfortable, take it off and put it on again at a later time; do this as many times as possible to get your furry companion accustomed to wearing the dog hoodie.

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