How To Enjoy The Cold Winter With Your Dog

During the winter, both humans and animals need to keep warm so as not to catch the chill. Also, during this time of the year, pet parents don’t get to spend enough time outside to exercise their dogs. As we all know, every member of the canine population needs stimulation to help them relax and burn off excess energy, thus, spending the cold winter with your dog should be given more attention.

If their exercise needs are neglected, that loving furbaby is likely to turn destructive and cost you some valuable items in the house. Now, it’s up to pet parents to begin to explore several ways to keep their four-legged companions occupied and warm. In view of bright ideas that can help you enjoy the cold winter with your dog, we gathered a few pointers.

How Much Does Winter Affect Dogs?

According to specialists, a dog’s body isn’t built for the cold weather, and just like humans; different dogs have diverse tolerance levels to cold. In most cases, the young and the old are the most vulnerable. Moreover, a dog with a thick coat is less likely to feel the cold compared to one with short hair. There are still some breeds that are almost hairless; the needs of such dogs that fall into this category must be considered.

Winter can affect dogs in several ways. It can cause some serious health challenges and can also be hazardous if dogs aren’t well monitored. Thus, as a pet parent, you should be conscious of the possibility of these health issues while enjoying the winter with your dog. Among the health challenges that can come with winter is hypothermia. It is a common condition that can affect any dog if allowed to stay outside for too long during the cold season. Shivering is the first sign that your dog might be suffering from mild hypothermia. When it gets severe, the dog will no longer be able to self-regulate its body temperature.

Frostbite can also be a major health concern to look out for while sitting out the winter with your dog during. It happens when a dog’s body gets cold and then automatically pulls blood from the extremes to the center of the body to keep warm. The organs in the extremes like the tail, paws, and ears can become so cold that the ice crystals damage the tissue.

Other challenges can include ingesting poisonous chemicals like antifreeze and rock salt which most people use for good road navigation during winter. Beyond the cold winter, overeating, especially holiday food can also be problematic.

Lastly, there can be some dangers hidden in the snow which they can step on or ingest. In all, winter isn’t a time to let your dog roam free. It is important to pay close attention to them. Household pets are a permanent fixture in the home and not something you can discard at will; thus, it is your duty as an adopter to devise workable ways of protecting your pooch during the cold season. If you get it right, you will always look forward to spending winter with your dog as you remember all the snuggling, cuddling, and wonderful experiences.

Ways To Enjoy Winter With Your Dog

1. Keep them warm

It is important to keep up the heat level in the house during winters. But ensure that the fireplace is pet-proof so they don’t hurt themselves in the process of seeking heat.

2. Dress them appropriately

For this season, it is advisable to dress your four-footed friend in a sweater or coat even in the house to keep the chill at bay. If you have cause to go out to have a feel of the winter with your dog, protect the paws in boots and booties.

3. Wipe down

Once you have cause to go into the chilly weather with your dog, you need to totally pat them dry with a dry towel afterward. Due to poisonous chemicals on the road, it is advisable to wipe all their paws with a damp towel before they lick them.

4. Cosy bedding

Do not allow your dog to sleep on the cold hard floor during winter. A warm blanket will help keep them heated and happy.

Fun Things To Do With Your Dog This Winter

Winter with your dog
Enjoying winter with your dog source

1. Take a walk

No matter how cold it is outside, walking is still one of the few ways to relish the winter with your dog, but it must be kept short. It is also essential to bundle up before embarking on the journey to the great outdoors. Walking is also a way of exercising your dog to help them keep fit and burn off excess calories. So, it’s beneficial to their health and it’s fun.

2. Do indoor games

There are lots of games that can be played indoors with your dog when the weather is too chilly. Some of them include fetch, tug of war, hide and seek, brain games, scent games, and so on. These games are interesting, help burn off extra energy, and keep the brain working. It is a win-win all around.

3. Continue with your indoor training

This is more of a mental than physical exercise. Being indoors is an opportunity to continue to train your dog. It gives you the opportunity to bond with them. Simple and continuous obedience training will go a long way.

4. Take them to the gym

Winter with your dog at the gym can be fun. Your fur buddy won’t mind tagging along to get some fun and exercise time at the gym. There are special treadmills and other toys that your pooch can play around with at the gym.

5. Turn their treats and meals into an adventure

You can motivate your pooch by making them work for their meals. Treats can be hidden inside a fun toy and released as they figure things out. This is another way of learning and exercising.

6. Schedule play dates with other dogs

Being cooped up all day can’t be good for you and your pooch. Arranging a doggy playdate with other pet parents can be fun. It will help your dog socialize and exercise.

7. Introduce dog sports

This might be a good time to involve your pooch in a sport. It is a good way to keep them occupied, and fit, and then they get to learn new skills, as well as burn calories.

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