David Hasselhoff’s Puppies, How Many Are They?

One look at David Hasselhoff’s puppies is enough proof that the American actor, writer, and entrepreneur loves pets. Go figure. At the moment, the veteran actor has 2 puppies and a slew of other non-canine pets.

David Hasselhoff is just one of those actors whose name you won’t easily forget even if he hasn’t been that active as an actor in a while. The actor’s career began on a very low note but picked up significantly when he got the part of Michael Knight in Knight Rider. It was a part that took his career to the next level. Over time, his career has experienced some highs and some lows. Through it all, he has had the unwavering support of his family members and loved ones but more than that, he has also had the company of his puppies and other pets.

Since finding out about the existence of these puppies, the actor’s fans and the general public have always been a bit curious to know their identity and to catch any news about them.

Meet David Hasselhoff’s Puppies and Pets


It is not exactly clear when the actor got the cute Yorkshire Terrier but fans and viewers of Hassephoff’s reality TV show got a first real glimpse of the then puppy in 2010 when she appeared on one of the two episodes of the short-lived show. On the show, it was revealed that Coco had a tennis ball addiction and had to be weaned off it by a psychic pet therapist.


This Dachshund is a special pet and one that joined the list of Hasselhoff’s puppies when his 2 daughters were still little girls. Henry is most definitely no longer a puppy which is a conclusion that one can come to based on the fact that David’s daughters are no longer little girls. David likes taking pictures with his pets and there are several pictures of the actor and Henry on the internet.


Peaches was adopted in 2002. Unlike the other pets which are puppies, Peaches is not. She is a Cockatoo who the actor nicknamed Hoffatoo and initially believed to be a male by the actor until she started laying eggs.

He has also flaunted other pictures of dogs aside from the forgoing, like the Instagram post of him with the dog named Vegas. Hasselhoff is just into animals and loves spending time with them.

David Hasselhoff Loves Rescuing Animals

In a 2011 interview, the Baywatch star claimed that rescuing animals was a favorite pastime for him and his daughters at the time. He revealed that his house felt like a zoo at the time with so many animals calling it home. While stating that he doesn’t collect many items, Hasselhoff made it known that the animals in his home at the time included 7 dogs, some birds, and a good number of snakes and water dragons.

He concluded by saying that it was a difficult thing for them to ignore an animal in distress and that it was natural for them to provide assistance.

What Happened to David Hasselhoff?

David Hasselhoff, also nicknamed The Hoff, caught the acting bug at the age of 7 after playing the role of Peter Pan in a stage production while in school. He officially began his career in 1973 when appearing on The Dean Martin Show. A year later he got a chance to feature in his first feature-length movie as he was cast to play the role of “Boner” in the movie titled Revenge of the Cheerleaders. The movie was released 2 years later in 1976 despite the reservations he had that it would not be released. That movie allowed David Hasselhoff to be inaugurated into the Screen Actors Guild since he had done mainly stage work prior to that time.

Born on July 17, 1952, the now nearly [age dob=”19520717″]-year-old actor’s career took an even bigger lift off when he was cast as Dr. Snapper Foster in the well-loved American soapie titled The Young and the Restless. Before he departed from the show in 1982, David had already established himself as one of the leading actors in America as he was one of the actors that made the show such a huge success. The level of success of the show that came from the creative mind of William Bell can be measured in its nine Emmy Awards among many others.

His performances in The Young and the Restless perfectly set the stage for his next big franchise on TV shows. Cast as a new-age agent who is tough on crime and equipped with the right tools to pull off his missions successfully, the series Knight Rider became an important highlight in David Hasselhoff’s career. A highlight that his fans and other viewers deeply appreciated.

The American drama series Baywatch is regarded as one of the most-watched TV shows in the world today and it’s all down to the input and creative abilities of David Hasselhoff. NBC began airing the series in 1989 and although it was discontinued after a few episodes, the reception it received gave David the perfect idea to take over the entire thing. He first took production overseas and by the time it returned to America, it had put a lot of money in the actor’s pocket.

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To Hoff’s delight, Baywatch ran for 11 seasons and gave birth to a spin-off series titled Baywatch Nights and movies such as Baywatch the Movie: Forbidden Paradise, Baywatch: White Thunder at Glacier Bay, and Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding. It also gave opportunities to stars like¬† Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, Erika Eleniak, Yasmine Bleeth, and Alexandra Paul to make their mark in the movie industry.

David Hasselhoff has acted in close to a hundred and fifty movies and shows no sign of slowing down. The actor has also ventured into the music business beginning in 1977 with The Merve Griffin Show. His vocal abilities have helped in birthing 14 albums to date with the latest coming in 2019. David’s singing skills resonate more with his European fans, especially with the Germans who have taken a special liking to his deep voice.

As mentioned earlier, Hasselhoff has no intention of slowing down, and the nearly seven decades old veteran continues to star in several movies and TV shows, including Young Sheldon, Nightcap, Close Enough, Kung Fury 2, and a German TV production titled Ze Network.

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