What is Lexi Hensler Dog Name?

Lexi Hensler’s dog is named Benji Hensler. Benji Hensler is a canine social media star who has over 150k followers on Instagram. Benji was adopted by American YouTuber, fitness guru, and social media celebrity, Lexi Hensler, when he was just over eight weeks old in April 2020.

Let’s quickly explore all there is to know about Lexi Hensler and her canine pet, Benji.

What type of dog does Lexi Hensler have?

Lexi Hensler’s dog is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. He was adopted by the actress to provide emotional assistance to her. Lexi obviously adores her dog and that adoration is evident in the way she treats the animal.

What is the name of Lexi Hensler’s dog?

As previously mentioned, Lexi Hensler named her dog Benji Hensler. Benji Hensler was reportedly born on February 14, 2020, before he was adopted by the fitness specialist and Instagram model in April of the same year. At the time of his adoption, records show that Benji Hensler was only eight and half weeks old.

Benji Hensler Has His Own Instgram Page

Not that we are surprised but Lexi Hensler’s dog is on Instagram and the most interesting part is that he has garnered more followers than most people. His Instagram handle is @wigglebuttbenji and it already has 152k followers the last time we checked.

Of course, Lexi is the one managing the social media account for Benji and the page is littered with adorable pictures of the pooch.

Who is Benji Hensler’s human mother?

Benji Hensler’s human mother is a popular Instagram model and social media star named Lexi Hensler. As a matter of fact, Benji’s Instagram page is managed by his human mother. Details of his canine family are not available as nothing was known about Benji before he was adopted by Lexi Hensler over a couple of years ago.

Lexi Hensler was born Alexandra Hensler on December 5, 1997, under the sun sign of Sagittarius. The Instagram star, nicknamed Tweety bird, was born in Los Angeles, California, and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. The identity of Lexi Hensler’s dad is currently unknown but it has been reported that he is a businessman while her mother, Monique Hensler is an administrator at a Children’s hospital in San Diego.

Lexi recently revealed that she is not the only child of her parents. She made it known that she has an older brother who currently resides in Washington DC. She also revealed that she is not close to her older sibling as they grew up apart from each other, why that is so is anyone’s guess. From her statements, it is conceivable to assume that Lexi’s older brother is older than she is by at least 5 years.

Benji Hensler’s human mother doesn’t say too much about her formal educational background. She obviously grew up in Los Angeles, California, but it’s unclear which schools were responsible for her early formal education. Certain sources claim that she enrolled in a private college located in the City of Angels after her high school education. It is also recorded that she has since graduated with 2 degrees in business administration and economics respectively.

Lexie Hensler has built a successful career in the spotlight

It’s never as easy as it looks for celebrities. As most will tell you, there is lots of blood and sweat that goes into building a successful career in the spotlight, especially on social media. A lot of these celebrities know from a young age what they want for their lives but the journey from then until when they eventually achieve their dreams is rarely as simple.

Benji’s human mother knew from a young age that she wanted to excel in the world of acting and social media. She began to act as early as when she turned 14 years old. To become better at her craft, she made the decision to enroll in acting classes. She has acted in a good number of stage productions and appeared in the 2020 movie titled Craziest Vacation Ever.

Benji Hensler’s human mother is also a model

It’s been made abundantly clear that Benji Hensler is a canine model. It has also become quite easy to see where he draws his inspiration from. His beautiful and talented human mother has made a career out of posing in front of cameras and just a peek into her social media pages will reveal amazing photos of the actress which she shares with her millions of followers on a regular basis.

Her influence on social media has grown to the point where she has more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram and nearly 5k followers on Twitter. Tiktok is where her reach is widest with more than 9 million followers and over 112 million likes. Her career has afforded her the opportunity to mingle with a good number of friends and associates, including Lexi Rivera, Ben Azelart, and Brent Rivera amongst many others.

Naturally, Lexi Hensler’s social media influence also affords her the privilege and opportunity to be a paid brand ambassador. Some of the companies that Hensler represents include Verge Girl, Free People, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Top Shop, Monster Energy, American Eagle, Forever 21, and a host of other unmentioned brands. Benji Hensler’s human mother is also active on YouTube and her channel currently has over 3.8 million subscribers.

Her social media contents include comedy skits, pranks, and some Q & A segments. Her fans are loyal and adore the fact that she does not hide the fact that Benji is an important part of her life as they can all see how close she is to him from the myriad of pictures of them together.

Lexie Hensler is a millionaire

All the success that Lexi has garnered from her impressive career is accurately depicted in the current value of her net worth which is estimated to be in excess of $3 million. That figure is one that is expected to continue to increase as long as the actress remains relevant in the social media space.

Benji’s human mother is single

Lexi Hensler is currently not in any relationship. It’s no secret, however, that she was formerly in a relationship with Christian Wilson who is the co-founder of the Anthem of Hope Movement. The timeline of the relationship is unknown apart from the fact that it ended one and a half years after it began. The actress attributed the breakup to the fact that she and Christian both came to the realization that a longer-term relationship wouldn’t work between them.

There were certain rumors that linked her romantically to Ben Azelart and Brent Rivera at different periods but she stated that she was merely close friends with the two young gentlemen and didn’t consider them more than that. She also pranked the public at one time by revealing that she was in a relationship with Twan Kuyper.

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Lexi Hensler has incredibly good physical features

The actress stands at a rather petite 5 feet 2 inches (157cm) and weighs 45kg (99lbs). Her beautiful face is framed by long luxurious blonde hair and her eye sockets house a pair of mesmerizing blue eyes. Her body measurement of 35-26-35 inches completes the remarkable ensemble. It’s no wonder she became a model because with physical features like that there was only ever one basic career choice.

Lexi Hensler’s hobbies include photography, dancing, and traveling. Usually, her trusted companion on each of these adventures is her dog, Benji Hensler.

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