Doberman Vs Rottweiler: Which Breed Is More Dangerous?

To a layman, dogs are just dogs and might appear the same, thus, names of breeds and all those peculiarities that distinguish them might be very confounding. On the other hand, to dog lovers, these intricacies are a thing of delight. The Doberman vs Rottweiler makes up a duo of very popular dogs among pet owners today, even though there are still some reservations about their temperament or ferociousness.

Large dogs offer an appeal to several owners who love the protection and companionship that these intimidating breeds have to offer. Let’s look more closely at (or learn more about) the similarities and differences between the Rottweiler and Doberman dog breeds.

Do The Doberman And Rottweiler Share Ancestors?

Placed side by side, Doberman vs Rottweiler technically do not really look alike, but they do share a few things in common. In terms of appearance from a distance, both dogs most times come in black and rust or black and tan color markings, and that’s about all what they share in physical resemblance.

The Doberman is the slightly taller and “leaner” version of both dogs – but don’t mistake that for weakness at all. The Rottweiler is the more sturdy and robust between both breeds but the two are known to be very strong and often aggressive. They are both classified as working dogs and are multi-talented as well, but physically the Rottweiler looks like the more intimidating dog of the two.

The Rottweiler is recorded in history as one of the parent dog breeds – alongside a few others that were crossbred to create the dog popularly known as the Doberman Pinscher dog breed today. So, it’s safe to say that the Rottweiler is one of the ancestors of the Doberman dog breed. This explains the various similarities both breeds have in common. The Doberman vs Rotweiller duo depicts loyalty at its peak but you need to train them to curb the extreme stubbornness that is inherent in both breeds.

Between Doberman And Rottweiler, Which Breed Is More Dangerous?

There are no bad dogs of their own making, but there are inexperienced, negligent, and non-assertive dog owners, who raise untrained puppies that grow into unruly adult dogs. Among the two dog breeds (Doberman vs Rottweiler) anyone that is considered the most dangerous is simply a matter of upbringing/training, opinion or perception, and probably a few more factors. Notably, both the Dobbie and the Rottie are used as guards and police dogs, thus, the training they are bound to receive would suit their job description and might depict them as dangerous.

Both dog breeds belong to the medium/large dog breed categories, and if not properly trained from the puppy stage, can become very unruly, overprotective, or extremely aggressive adult dogs. They are also both muscular dogs with powerful jaws that can cause significant damage if not properly socialized and trained from the puppy stage.

Going by public opinions and perceptions, many consider the Doberman to be the “more dangerous” between both breeds – noting the Rottweiler to be “calmer” than the Doberman. However, many experienced dog owners will tell you that both dog breeds can be equally dangerous if left to their own will and impulses. All in all, while comparing the Doberman vs Rottweiler, one thing is clear, both breeds need a capable pack leader or they might just grow out of control and become destructive.

Doberman Vs Rottweiler: Notable Differences And Similarities Between The Dog Breeds

Doberman vs Rotweiler
Rottweiler – source

As stated earlier, both the Doberman and Rottweiler share an ancestral history but that is not all they have in common. Let us look at some similarities and differences between both breeds.


  • Color markings

Both dogs share the same predominant color makings of black and tan or rust – though some also come in other colors as well.

  • Versatility

These two dog breeds are extremely versatile and have been/are employed by the police and military formations as K-9 officers. They are also good in search and rescue operations, used as guide dogs for the blind and as therapy dogs.

  • Intelligence

Both breeds are very intelligent dogs that can independently assess situations and threats on their own, and act accordingly. You don’t want to act suspicious around these two as they are fast to detect potential danger.

  • Temperament

They are both fearless, courageous, confident, and loyal dogs. The Rottie and Dobbie will do all they can to keep their family members safe at all times.


  • Lifespan

The Doberman has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years, while the Rottweiler is expected to live between 9 and 10 years.

  • Health

The Rottweiler has very few health issues and is one of the healthiest dogs you can find while the Doberman has some major health challenges that may plague it during its lifetime. Von Willebrand’s disease and dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) are some of the health problems Dobbie is often faced with.

  • Head and ears

The Rottweiler has the bigger/wider head of the two breeds, with big falling ears. The Doberman has a slender head with pointy ears after cropping. The Dobbie also has a long muzzle.

  • Ease of training

The Doberman is easier to train and adapts better to training than the Rottweiler – which can be very heady. Both breeds are naturally stubborn but trainable.

  • Barking

The Doberman definitely barks a lot more than the Rottweiler. The latter adopts a much more reserved but alert approach to other people, dogs, and situations.

  • Tolerance to extreme weather

The Rottweiler’s thicker coat makes it more tolerant to cold weather conditions while the Doberman is more suited for warmer climes.

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Doberman vs Rotweiler
Doberman source

Can A Rottweiler And Doberman Co-habit?

The decision on whether both dogs can co-habit depends entirely on the owner of both dog breeds. The dog owner must be ready to put in the work required which is to patiently train and socialize his dogs from a very early stage, teaching obedience and socially acceptable behavior towards other animals (canine and feline inclusive), as well as humans.

Any combination of dog breeds can live together harmoniously without any issues, IF and only IF, they are well trained in obedience skills and socialized very early in their life as young puppies. So, yes, the Doberman and Rottweiler can live peacefully together, as many dog owners have done so in the past and are presently doing so.

Quick Facts

  • Are Rottweilers easier to train than Dobermans?

Both are relatively easy to train because they always like to get busy and put their brain to work, thus, they mostly enjoy training sessions. However, Rottweiler puppies, even with their eagerness to please and intelligence, have been categorized as the harder breed to train when compared to the Doberman.

  • Are Dobermans more dangerous than Rottweilers?

There are different opinions about this but most people point to the Doberman as more dangerous than the Rottweiler because the latter tends to be calmer. However, when you trace the history of both breeds and factor in experiences with them, you might see enough reason to conclude that both breeds are equally dangerous, especially when their training is not done well.

  • Can a Doberman beat a Rottweiler in a fight?

With a bite force of 328 PSI, the Rottweiler might stand a greater chance of beating a Doberman in a fight. The Doberman’s bite force is lower at 245 PSI. Most importantly, the Rottweiler has a body advantage over the Doberman. Rotties are usually bigger and stronger with a muscular body while the Doberman just stands taller.

  • Between the Doberman and Rottweiler, who’s smarter?

Both breeds are smart but the Doberman seems to have more intelligence than the Rotweiller and they are equally more agile than Rotts.

  • Are Dobermans the most aggressive dogs?

Though Doberman is quite intimidating and aggressive in dealing with strangers, it is not the most aggressive dog breed.

  • Is Doberman faster than Rottweiler?

Naturally, the Doberman has more athletic features with longer legs and this gives it the upper hand in a race against the Rottweiler which has a larger but stronger body.

  • Which dog has the strongest bite force?

Mastiff – 552 pounds.

  • Which dog breed can beat a Rottweiler?

The Pit Bull can take the Rottweiler down anytime because it was bred to fight and has the skills and vicious approach.

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