High Fiber Cat Food To Feed Your Pet

Fiber is a kind of indigestible food as it does not break down but passes through the digestive tract while doing some good to the body during this period. For the feline population, the consumption of high fiber cat food has many benefits, for one, it will make them feel full, keep constipation away, regulate the speed with which sugar enters the bloodstream, and many more. Just like it does for the human population, fiber plays a very vital role in cats and other household pets. Below are a few recommended high-fiber cat foods pet parents can go for.

Types Of High Fiber Cat Food

Making a good choice from the available high fiber food items can be a bit hard, but we have assembled the top five here for your perusal.

1. Feline Greenies SMARTBITES Hairball Control Chicken

This is a real treat for any feline as it is bursting with fiber, comes with a great taste, equipped with a crispy outside and soft inside, giving it a two-textured chew. It has a tuna flavor that can be enjoyed by cats that love fish. Each bite only contains a couple of calories, thus the problem of weight gain is not associated with the meal. The pack is replete with natural plant-based fibers which ensure digestive health as it takes care of hairball issues; for one, it will step down hairball formation and aid in expelling them from the digestive tract. The meal is a great option for kitties that are under one year.

2. Hill’s Science Diet Hairball Control Cat Food

When it comes to high-fiber cat food, this canned meal is one of the best. It is a wet cat food rich in fiber in addition to minced ocean fish which makes it a great choice for felines with a liking for fish flavor. Besides, a cat that is used to wet food can benefit from this canned delicacy as it is basically a wet high-fiber food tailored for the digestive tract of the feline population. You can also bring in variety with this meal by introducing pet dry high fiber cat food to mix it with as a supplement. The feline food is also replete with high-quality vegetable fiber which is targeted at improving digestion by addressing hairball issues. The meal is great for adult cats between the ages of one to six years.

3. Rachael Ray Nutrish Real Chicken

This type of high fiber cat food is specifically designed to address the needs of indoor-only-cats. The cat food that comes in rounded dry pellets form is bursting with naturally nutritious ingredients that nourish your cat’s body. From the brand, you get the best high protein sources such as chicken, salmon, and whitefish. The meal is replete with antioxidants from cranberries and blueberries and bursting with minerals and vitamins for your furry friend. Other vital contents of this high-quality fiber food include probiotics and prebiotics which are crucial for fitness and health among felines. The meal cannot be given to kittens as it is only suitable for adult cats.

4. IAMS Proactive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food

High Fiber Cat Food
IAMS Proactive Health Kitten Dry Cat Food source

This kind of high fiber cat food that comes in small easy-to-eat pellets is particularly designed for younger cats between the ages of one to 12 months. The meal has a great chicken flavor and contains nutrients like omega-3 DHA which is great for brain development and optimal eye health. The healthy fiber content of the meal ensures your furball’s health and it also has beet pulp, prebiotics, and antioxidants

5. ROYAL CANIN Feline Gastrointestinal HE (High Energy) Canned Cat Food

This is another great meal for pets that are in need of high-fiber cat food. It is quite healthy, replete with ingredients that are nourishing to intestinal microflora in a kitty’s body. Your feline friend’s digestive system will benefit from its Omega-6 fatty acids and Omega-3 content. Your furry companion gets sufficient energy for strength – thanks to its boosted calorie content. The best part of this meal is that it digests easily and thus, the gastrointestinal tract will suffer less stress. The meal is great for felines of all ages.

Why Your Cat Needs To Eat Fiber

The belief that high fiber cat food will only benefit kitties that suffer certain health ailments like diabetes and constipation is a big misconception. In fact, high fiber content food is good for any type of cat, irrespective of health condition or any other factor. The benefits are just too numerous.

1. High Fiber Cat Food Helps Eliminate Constipation

The number one reason high fiber cat food is good for your feline friend is that it aids in relieving constipation which is a common condition among the cat population. This kind of food will aid the cat in reducing the discomfort and pain associated with constipation, aid in the passage of that hard or clay-like stool, and improve the kitty’s appetite that was lost because of constipation.

2. High Fiber Cat Food Increases Chances Of Weight Loss

Excessive weight can portend health issues for your furry, thus, if you notice the cat putting on more weight than necessary, the situation should be curbed immediately with the aid of high fiber cat food. The first step in ensuring good health for an overweight cat is to help the furball in shedding some pounds as they stand a greater risk of developing some chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, cardiac issues, and arthritis. When a cat loses excess weight, it will be able to enjoy good health, and food high in fiber is ideal for indoor cats that don’t get enough opportunities for exercise, unlike their outdoor counterparts.

3. Helps Fight Health Conditions

There are other feline health issues that can be managed with high fiber cat food; there is anal gland disease, as well as diabetes which is quite common among kitties. Some fiber foods can reduce intestinal transit time and this helps to fight diabetes. They function to slow absorption and consequently, the kitty will be able to retain a steadier blood glucose level in the long run.

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4. Prevention Of Hairball Formation

Feline diets that are high in fiber will address hairball formation issues among felines. When your feline’s food is replete with fiber, it aids in the promotion of the general health of the gut as it helps the cat sweep hair through its intestinal tract. Cats are known to ingest hair from their coat or from whole prey meals and if these hairs are not eliminated, they can cause an obstruction in the digestive tract by forming hairballs. High fiber cat food functions to facilitate the movement of these hairballs in the digestive system and also speed up defecating or elimination process in kitties.

5. High Fiber Cat Food Makes A Cat Feel Fuller

Studies have revealed that cat foods that are replete with fiber will make a cat feel fuller in addition to aiding weight loss. Thus, your feline friend will tend to eat less and you will save some money on the feline food supply.

6. For The Improvement Of Overall Health

All in all, high fiber diets aid felines to remain in good health, enjoy a better quality of life, facilitate improved activity, and reduce the chances of developing various health issues. A cat’s gastrointestinal health will also benefit and digestive issues will be kept at bay.

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