Best Outside Cat Feeding Station Ideas You Can Try

For pet parents who would love to feed their cats outside, there are a plethora of outside cat feeding station ideas they can choose from. As we well know, it can get quite expensive to lay your kitty’s food bare for community and feral cats to feed on, and you wouldn’t want to count the waste. It doesn’t make good sense to put out kibble for your pooch only to have it stolen by roaming raccoons or even ruined by weather conditions like rain or strong breeze before your furry friend gets to eat it. For this reason, every pet parent has to consider the option of constructing an outside feeding station for their pets.

The choice is endless, some of these outside cat feeding stations are just designed to protect the cat’s food from the harsh conditions of bad weather, there are many that are designed to be raccoon-proof and you can still get some that offer protection to both the cat and the food. Now, it is up to you to decide on the type you would love to purchase or construct, and the reason for getting the feeding station will direct you on the right one to get.

Types Of Outside Cat Feeding Stations

Cat feeding stations come in different types and sizes and it is left for pet parents who want to use these outside shelters to make their choice depending on what they want to achieve. Besides, you can also consider DIYing your own as it can be quite easy.

Outside Cat Feeding Station
You can DIY your own cat feeding station source

Covered Cat Feeding Stations

If your aim of purchasing an outside cat feeding station is to keep both cats and food protected from bad weather, then a covered cat feeding station might be a great option for you. These types of feeding stations are very strong and durable as they are constructed with wood-like cedar. They can be purchased from pet stores in your neighborhood or you can go online to make your choice.

They are really pleasing to look at, so setting one up on your property will not be a bad idea. The only downside to expect with a covered cat feeding station is that they might be rather expensive to purchase, even the smallest ones can be quite pricey. Pet parents who really want to get one installed can consider the option of constructing them at home rather than going for the finished ones. You can still commission an art workshop to get one made for your pet; this might take longer than getting the already made ones, however, you will get to choose your own design, including elevated and enclosed outside cat feeding stations.

There are alternatives through which you can DIY when it comes to making your own cat feeding station through the use of discarded plastic storage totes. Instructions on how to go about constructing a feeding station with plastic storage totes abound on the internet. What’s more, they are quite inexpensive to make, the only downside to DIYing your own is that it lacks durability and you might need to construct another one before long.

Enclosed Cat Feeding Stations

The enclosed cat feeding station offers your pooch and the food more protection. You may decide to acquire a brand new one, or alternatively, those that already have an outside shelter for their cats can consider turning it into a feeding station. It is as simple as letting your feline friend into a shelter to eat. At the pet store, you have the option of purchasing cat shelters to use as an enclosed cat feeding station, but a dog house can also be repurposed or you may decide to go for a pet carrier without a door – any of these can suffice!

Pet parents that prefer to feed their felines on schedule won’t have issues with the normal size of doors on the outside cat feeding station. However, those who favor free feeding or leave out food at night, unattended, may consider going for the feeding stations with smaller doors; this works at keeping intruders at bay.

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Elevated Cat Feeding Stations

There are still cat parents who would prefer to go for the elevated outside cat feeding station which is an ideal option in harsh weather conditions when the compound may get flooded. This type of cat shelter will offer your pet protection as it will always be high above the flood; this way, the food will not be washed away by the water. The only downside to this type of feeding station is that they come a bit expensive but they are one of the most effective when it comes to feeding your feline friend and at the same time, offer it maximum protection while it sleeps. Constructing your own may come cheaper than purchasing the finished ones.

If you have been having problems with opossums, raccoons, and other wild animals that get to your pet’s food, you can leverage some interesting ideas to help in protecting your outside cat feeding station. One raccoon-proof cat feeder to consider is the automatic cat feeder which may rely on microchip recognition. The function of the automatic cat feeder is to keep raccoons at bay. It only fails when the raccoons decide to carry it away; this can be prevented by enclosing it in a weighted plastic tote or choosing an outside cat feeding shelter with doors that will not allow things to pass through.

An outside cat feeding station can only be constructed within the vicinity of your own property to avoid theft or destruction. There are still other suggestions for keeping wildlife from getting to pet’s food – a good one is to leverage a feline flap that can scan for your cat’s microchip; this will only work in situations where your pooch is microchipped during TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return). This option might work when used in combination with outside cat feeding stations that we have already discussed above. You can browse the internet for instructions on how to build your own raccoon-free outside cat feeding station.

Cat Feeding Station Ideas

A plethora of ideas abounds through which interested pet parents can DIY their own outside cat feeding station. You can consider repurposing winter cat feeding shelters that are already in your possession, purchase a wooden platform, and use it as a feeding station, or you can go for the automatic feeder.

For great ideas on how to go about constructing a perfect cat feeding station for your pet, there are several hints to be borrowed online. Don’t limit yourself to what the pet store has to offer when you can build your dream pet feeding area.

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