Minskin Cat: Breed Features and Facts You Need To Know

It is perfectly normal for breeders to cross different cats which they have deemed compatible to achieve a particular or peculiar breed. Moreover, most of the well-loved and widely accepted cats today started as mere experiments. The Minskin cat is a relatively new breed that is fast gaining popularity among cat lovers. They are unique and will suit the taste of anyone, especially if allergies are a problem.

This breed is also very playful, friendly and will be a good addition to families with children and other pets as they are very accommodating when placed around other animals. Although the Minskin cat can sometimes be confused with Bambino cats, they have several features that stand them out, especially their short legs, round head, large ears, very wide eyes, and sparse coat.

Origin Of The Minskin Cat

Most often than not, new breeds of animals are born out of man’s curiosity to explore new grounds or perhaps, the need to solve a particular problem. As such, when the well-known cat fancier (Paul McSorley) decided to toy around with the idea of a new breed, the world was eager to see the outcome and by 1998, in Boston Massachusetts, he began to work on his newest creation. To arrive at the desired result, he chose to cross the Munchkin cat with the Sphynx.

His choice was informed by what he intended to achieve which was to have a cat with short legs, denser fur with some hairless areas. For other desired qualities, including their temperament and structure, he introduced the Devon Rex and Burmese cats into the breeding process to produce the perfect breed for him.

By July 2000, he had one cat that met his standard. He was called Rory. By 2005, there were up to 50 Minskin cats all registered with the International Cat Association. Apparently, the breeding process was a successful one and there was a demand for more. The breed is presently recognized in the Preliminary New Breed (PNB) where their developments and progress are monitored.

The Sphynx cat – source

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Breed Information

As cute as the Minskin cat is, you may still discover some downsides for you if you adopt one without proper research. In view of this, we rounded up some key things you need to know about the breed before you decided that it is suitable for your household.


Lots of thoughts went into breeding this cat. The different breeds involved in the breeding were chosen for specific purposes which means the Minskin is a bundle of positive characteristics. They inherited their inquisitiveness from the Sphynx and their friendly and lovable nature from the Munchkin. They are snuggly, easygoing, playful, affectionate, intelligent, and generally love children and people.

Overall, the Minskin cat has been described as people-oriented and doesn’t mind sharing its space with other pets. This makes it a perfect choice if you live in a home with children and multiple pets around.


The back of this ‘cutey’ is sparsely populated with hair while the belly is completely hairless. This makes them very easy to groom. While they do not need regular brushing to maintain their skin due to their almost hairlessness, it is advisable to bathe them regularly with mild baby shampoo. Asides from bathing, brushing of teeth should also be done regularly and the regular cleaning of the ears.

It is important to groom your pets if you want them to be healthy and lively. You would also be doing yourself a favor if your pet is well-groomed.


These cats are very healthy. Although they might experience common problems peculiar to the cat breeds from which they were produced. Some of the health challenges to look out for include ear and eye infections, heart issues, sunken chest, spine curvature, pectus excavatum, and others.

To keep them healthy, constant exercise and playtime go a long way. You can also check facts about the parent breeds to further understand what to expect from the Minskin.


Just like any other cat, they require a protein-rich diet. As kittens, they should be fed at least 3 times daily with lots of milk. As they grow older, it can be reduced to twice and then once daily as soon as they become adults.

It is important not to overload them with carbohydrates. Fruits can be introduced intermittently as snacks. An adult Minskin cat should be placed on a diet that is 90% rich in protein. Water is very essential for any animal so make sure your cat never runs out of fresh water to drink.

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Five Interesting Facts About the Minskin Cat

  • Life span

They have a life expectancy of between twelve to fifteen years. This makes it one of the cat breeds with a long life expectancy. The average life span of a cat is between 12 and 18 years, though some see their early 20s. Notwithstanding, a record-breaker, a cat named Creme Puff, lived up to 38 years of age.

  • Care

Due to their scanty hair, they are very susceptible to extreme weather, especially cold and excessive sun exposure. They are basically indoor cats but need to be taken out for exercise to rejuvenate them. Moreover, it is important to avoid exposing them to the sun to avoid sunburn. The areas of their body without hair need to be well taken care of as they also have the potential of developing a yeast infection.

  • Name origin

Their name – Minskin was derived from the combination of the word “Miniature” and skin. This explains the portable size of the breed and the fact that it has an almost hairless coat.

  • Are Minskin cats hypoallergenic?

They are considered hypoallergenic cats due to their very short coat. They are very suitable for people who might be allergic to cat fur but do not want a completely hairless cat.

  • Training

These cats have been described as very smart. They are said to be well “above average smart” which is one of the reasons why they are so easy to train. They are always eager to learn new things and if you are in the market for a cat that learns pretty fast, this breed might be what you need.

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