10 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds In The World

It is really amazing that all the members of the canine population emanated from a single source – the magnificent wolf. However, since the majestic killer was tamed over 14,000 years ago, we now have an astounding array of dog breeds around. All of the canines come with the 42 permanent teeth and 321 bones of the wolf, but they tend to vary in appearance. We have a good number of them considered to be among the most beautiful dog breeds in the world; but then, beauty has always come with subjective quality.

As such, we must acknowledge the view of people that will disagree about the features that make a particular dog beautiful. For us, we see the following breeds as the most beautiful dogs worldwide.

1. Siberian Husky

The most beautiful dog breeds
Siberian Husky source

Anybody who has ever gazed into the blue eyes of the Siberian husky will agree that the animal is simply stunning, thus, it wouldn’t be strange to give it the number one slot on the list of most beautiful dog breeds. According to the AKC, the dog is outgoing, loyal, and also a mischief-maker, so don’t expect to have a boring day with your husky.

Important to note that the ice-blue eyes are not a common physical feature of all huskies, however, each one of them is endowed with an expressive gaze that appears to stare right down into the very depths of someone’s soul. This special gaze of the husky is what makes it the prettiest among all breeds of canine, and we are yet to mention the dog’s close resemblance to the canine ancestor – the wolf. This combination is simply unbeatable.

2. Samoyed Husky

Themost beautiful dog breeds
Samoyed Husky source

When the talk is about pretty furs, Very few breeds have coats that can be compared to that of a Samoyed Husky. The dog is endowed with a dense, long, and gorgeous fluffy white coat that helped their ancestors stay warm in their native Siberia. However, despite how beautiful this coat is considered to be, it makes the dog unsuitable for tropical regions; besides, the Samoyed Husky is a high-maintenance dog with regular grooming requirements.

The Samoyed is a working dog and thus, must always be provided with something to do. They can be quite affectionate with their family and are also known to be easygoing.

3. Kuvasz

The most beautiful dog breeds
Kuvasz source

Talking about the most beautiful dog breeds in the world? The kuvasz must be given a mention. The dog is simply cute and cuddly with all that thick fur. However, adopters must consider the fact that our beautiful kuvasz is one of the heavy shedders around. If you adopt one, be ready to deal with fur all over the house – it tends to stick everywhere, even in the most unimaginable places.

The breed can be very protective of kids when raised with them, this protectiveness may even be extended to visiting children, however, an adult should always supervise interactions when the kids have some friends over. The reason is that your kuvasz may misinterpret a situation and intervene in a misguided bid to protect its own. A kuvasz that was not brought up alongside kids will need to be acclimatized to their shrill voice and quick movements.

4. Chow Chow

The most beautiful dog breeds
Chow Chow source

When you know how to maintain the coat of a chow, it is usually a sight to behold; even people who are naturally averse to canines would want to cuddle these cuties. Their appearance is best described as fairly lion-like with that long fur surrounding their shoulder and head like the mane of a lion. And while these pups are not endowed with faces that can be called classically beautiful, they have a pretty cute perma-squint that is irresistible, earning them a place among the most beautiful dog breeds worldwide.

Unfortunately, Chows are not exactly cuddly as they are quite aloof. They love to keep to themselves and won’t think twice about wandering off to explore the world. While many adopters don’t consider this trait to be ideal, the chow will make a perfect household pet for dog parents who spend less time at home – the dog knows how to take care of itself.

5. Poodle

The most beautiful dog breed
Poodle source

Normally, outward beauty can be subjective, what a person considers beautiful may not merit a second glance from the next person. To some, poodles are cuter than they are beautiful, the breed is bestowed with some of the most extraordinary coats among the canine population; besides, you can have the coats of your poodle coiffed in a plethora of ways. In all, it belongs to the league of most beautiful dog breeds for obvious reasons.

Nevertheless, the grooming requirements for the poodle are quite high but the satisfaction you will get from the result is worth the exerted effort. Their comical appearance notwithstanding, poodles are rated as a highly intelligent breed that can come in handy for nose work and agility trials. As the dog is a good swimmer, it is great at any task that involves water; it is also great at sniffing out hidden truffles in the forest. Poodles also function as therapy dogs and may do the job of guard dogs if the need arises.

6. Alaskan Malamute

The most beautiful dog breeds
Alaskan Malamute source

Another dog that deserves a place among the most beautiful dog breeds is the Alaskan Malamute. People who prefer dogs that resemble wolves will fall in love with this baby. In the same manner, as the wolves, this cold weather-loving pup is big, muscular, and bathed in thick and long fur. Their looks are completed by a pair of upright ears. The dog’s coat is simply beautiful, featuring a combination of black, white, and grey tones, accentuating the dog’s wolf-like appearance.

Regrettably, the Alaskan Malamute requires very high maintenance like regular grooming, interactions, plenty of stimulation, as well as vigorous exercise. In fact, first-time pet parents should stay well away from the Malamute, they can only thrive with experienced adopters with quality time and energy to handle the dog’s needs.

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7. Akita Inu

The most beautiful dog breeds
Akita Inu source

Akita Inu is a dog with Japanese roots. Outwardly, its resemblance is comparable to three wild beasts, the fox, the wolf, and the bear, an amazing combination that is. It is counted among the most beautiful dog breeds, partly because of its sturdy long legs and powerful body; the shape of the dog’s ears is quite unusual too, resembling pockets.

In its homeland of Japan, the Akika Inu is highly revered and considered a living symbol of the rising sun. The standard for the breed only allows three colors; red and wine, pure white, as well as brindle with white.

8. Pomeranian

The most beautiful dog breed
Pomeranian source

In addition to making the list of the world’s popular small dog breeds, the Pomeranian is equally counted among the most beautiful dog breeds in the world. The sight of a Pomeranian is sure to stamp a smile on your lips. Their thick and attractive coat makes them quite beautiful, and surprisingly, they are low-maintenance dogs compared to other long-coated breeds. The dog’s abundant personality makes it even more endearing.

The dog is of high intelligence, and relatively easy to train, but they can be hostile to strangers and must be closely supervised when in the company of children. They might be friendly and playful around kids but children can easily hurt them because of their petite size.

9. Golden Retriever

The most beautiful dog breed
Golden Retriever source

We just cannot conclude without paying homage to the Golden Retriever as one of the most beautiful dogs in the world. The dog has the Bladhaun and the Irish Setter as its distant ancestors, and its beautiful golden colour which appears in different shades is a result of cross-breeding these dogs.

The dog is known to be cheerful and good-natured, its coat has a wonderful water repellant quality, and it comes either wavy or straight. Apart from being beautiful, this furry fellow is obedient, energetic, intelligent, and can function as your perfect rescue pup.

10. Bolognese

The most beautiful dog breed
Bolognese source

The Bolognese is quite pretty with its lengthy white coat that doesn’t shed. In fact, it is highly recommended for those that suffer from allergies. This four-legged hypoallergenic baby is polite to everybody as it maintains a calm nature. It is very intelligent and thus, easy to train. The dog is just your perfect household pet, calm inside and rambunctious when it finds itself outside – exactly how things should be.

The origin of this small dog breed can be traced to Italy and it’s named after one of the cities (Bologna) in the country. The Bolognese comes in a white coat with long and fluffy hair. As cute as a button, this breed is the perfect lapdog as it loves to get attention.

In conclusion, there are many other beautiful dog breeds in the world that you might just see in our next edition. For now, do leave a comment to let us know the breeds you think deserve a mention on this coveted list.

Recap Of The Most Beautiful Dog Breeds

  • Siberian Husky
  • Samoyed Husky
  • Kuvasz
  • Chow Chow
  • Poodle
  • Alaskan Malamute
  • Akita Inu
  • Pomeranian
  • Golden Retriever
  • Bolognese
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